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The official version of visual studio 2017 has been released. This version not only adds new features such as real-time unit testing and real-time architecture dependency verification, but also improves many practical functions, such as code navigation, IntelliSense, refactoring, code repair and debugging. No matter which language or platform you use, it can save developers time and energy on daily tasks.

In addition, this version also brings a new lightweight and modular installation experience, which can be customized according to needs. Multiple enhancements come together to enable visual studio 2017 to start faster than visual studio 2015Three times faster, solution loading time is reduced2-4x

The details are as follows:

Release date: March 7, 2017

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Highlights1、Navigation enhancement

Visual studio 2017 greatly improves code navigation, colors results, and provides custom grouping, sorting, filtering, and searching. Powerful go to all (Ctrl + T or Ctrl +,) enables fast and complete search of any file, type, member or symbol declaration in the solution.

 Highlights2、No solution loading file required

Visual studio 2017 can directly open and process any file in a series of languages such as C, C + +, ruby, go, etc.

Highlight 3Intelligent filtering

IntelliSense now provides filters to help you get what you need without having to go through too many steps.

Highlight 4Language improvement

A new C language refactoring command has been added to help modernize the code with the latest standards. The new style analyzer and support for editorconfig can coordinate the coding standards of the whole team.

Highlight 5CMake support for C++

You can start coding by loading the cmake project directly in visual studio.

Highlight 6Linux support for C++

Visual C + + for Linux development is now part of visual studio 2017.

Highlight 7Live unit testing

As the name suggests, it tells you in real time whether the unit test will pass or fail without leaving the code editor.

Highlight 8Run to Click

When you stop in an interrupt state in the debugger, hover over a line of code and you will see run to click glyph. Click to stop at this line and continue with this next time.

Highlight 9Exception Helpers

You can immediately view the root cause of the exception and access the inner exception immediately. In addition, you can exclude the type of exception thrown from the specified module by clicking the check box to add a condition when throwing an exception stops.

Highlight 10Small and light installation

Visual studio 2017 new installer makes it easier to start and run. The minimum installation is only one tenth the size of the previous version and can be completed in a minute or two

If you don’t want to see the following detailed summary and description, you can check the version highlights blog post. 


Develop:Quickly navigate, write and fix code

● new installation experience – reduce the minimum occupied space, realize faster and more customized installation experience, and support offline installation.

● visual studio ide – features have been greatly improved in Visual Studio 2017, including reduced startup and solution loading time, improved login and authentication, improved code navigation, etc.

● Visual C + + – there are no particularly significant changes in the 2015 to 2017 versions. But it still brings better c + + 14 conformance level, cmake support and build throughput, which can improve productivity.

● C # and Visual Basic – extend the support for the new C 7.0 and Visual Basic 15 language functions, and introduce new refactoring, allowing you to organize the source code in an action.

● f # – support f 4.1 language features, for F compiler and fsharp Core improvements and a new editor based on Roslyn workspaces.

● JavaScript and typescript – typescript 2.1 applies to all typescript projects in visual studio. The new JavaScript language service is available and enabled by default.

Debug: Easy debugging, configuration, and diagnostics

Commissioning and diagnosis-Overhaul the code exception auxiliary program, which brings faster code navigation. In addition, there are new summaries of application events and several improvements to CPU tools in the diagnostic tools window.

Test:Write high-quality code with comprehensive testing tools

● live unit testing – visualize the unit test results and code coverage process in the editor.

● testing tools – use the test browser to associate automation with test case work items.

Collaborate:Agile and efficient collaboration with version control

● new git function and upgraded connect experience in team Explorer – you can use git to achieve more functions in Visual Studio 2017 and easily find the project and repos you want to connect.

● visual studio work feedback process improvement – more collaborative report-a-problem. Search, follow and vote for all the latest and most recent feedback.

Extend: Extend custom preferences by building

● visual studio extensions – customize visual studio by building your own extensions.

● discovery of project and Item Templates – Visual Studio has made significant improvements in using projects and project templates to improve performance.

Equip: Leverage tools to increase productivity and explore new capabilities

● . NET Core and ASP. Net core – contains new msbuild – based Net core 1.0 final. With visual studio 2017, you can create a new csproj format Net standard library Net core application / library and ASP Net web project.

● tools for universal windows app development – includes the new version NET Native toolchain, 、. Net core nuget framework, new productivity tools, and support for windows 10 “creators update” SDK.

● xamarin – xamarin 4.3 adds support for tvos, and also improves IOS assets catalog support and XML editing experience.

● visual studio tools for Apache Cordova – a new browser based simulator that enables you to quickly code and view results immediately.

● Node. JS tools for Visual Studio – updates focus on improving stability, performance, and overall product quality.

● visual studio tools for unity – you can now download “game development with unity” workload from the new visual studio installation package.

● Redgate developer tools Core Edition – in order to extend the Devops function to SQL database development, visual studio now includes the core edition of Redgate development tools, including Redgate readyroll, SQL search and SQL prompt.

● nuget – nuget now supports storing package dependency information directly in the project file as a package reference.

● tools for XAML Apps – the XAML runtime toolbar now allows tracking focus. The improvement and performance optimization of XAML editor greatly improve the productivity of XAML.

● data tools and SQL Server – the latest SQL server data tools support the latest functions in azure SQL database and SQL Server 2016.

● developer analytics tools – Developer analytics tools V8 included in Visual Studio 2017 6. Many improvements have been made to the application insights and hockeyapp functions in visual studio.

● office developer tools for Visual Studio – includes office development tools with the latest versions and features.

● live architecture dependency validation – real time notification of dependency validation diagram.

● developer command prompt – script refactoring to support a new installation experience.

● Azure SDK for . Net – now available from the new visual studio installation package.

What’s new in Visual Studio 2017

IDE improvements

● visual studio has been optimized to reduce startup time and solution loading time. Visual studio starts at least 50% faster for the first time.

● visual studio will now monitor the extended performance of solution loading or editing. You can receive alerts about poorly performing extensions through the notification bar in the IDE. The new performance center (help > Manage visual studio performance) can not only view the extensions that affect performance, but also discover the tool windows that affect startup performance and change its startup load behavior.

● you can choose to install the GitHub extension of visual studio in the new visual studio installer

Reloading all projects has been replaced with overloaded solutions to support better performance when switching to vs external branches. When switching branches using the GIT command line, select the overload solution after branch switching to achieve maximum performance improvement.

● . Net core and ASP Net core project’s file global functionality has been enhanced. See project file globbing for more details.

● after cloning, you will now automatically go to the folder view of the repository. You can view the file using the new solution selection list in solution explorer.

home page

The redesigned start page has a new “open and create” function:

● get remote warehouse from VSTS or use MRU to easily open local projects and solutions.

● the start page MRU displays the warehouses cloned on other computers so that they can be easily cloned on the current computer.

● create a list of new items and recently used templates that can search for templates directly from the start page. Recently used templates will also use personalized accounts to roam between visual studio instances.

● experience a quick start new clone from VSTS through the “export from VSTS” option on the start page

Releasable “get started” section.

● fine visual design to handle the use of blank space on smaller screens.

The new start page is as follows:

Improve code navigation, and make significant improvements to code navigation function in Visual Studio 2017:

● jump to all (Ctrl +, or Ctrl + T) allows you to quickly find and go to files, types, methods and other elements in the code. Even in large code bases, you can find projects of any kind. In c# and visual basic, fuzzy matching is also added. If you misspell a type name, you can still get search results. Go to line (Ctrl + G) is also implemented. This function allows you to find the go to series commands at the top of the edit menu.

● find all references (Shift + F12) has also been greatly improved (currently only C #, visual basic, and C + +) to provide advanced grouping, filtering, sorting, searching in reference results, and highlighting results (applicable to C # and VB), so you can clearly understand your references and obtain the required lines of code. When you hover over a referenced project, there is a hover prompt that contains the reference context in the source code (for c# and VB). By switching the hold results button in the toolbar, the next call to find all references will populate the reference results in a new window. This allows you to keep the current results in the current window.

● the structure guide line has now been redrawn in the editor so that the structure of the code being used can be easily viewed. When the mouse hovers, a hover prompt containing the context of the current code block relative to its ancestor block is displayed. This file supports the syntax of visual basic #, as well as any function of Visual Basic. (in the Tools > Options dialog box, disable this feature by unchecking the show structure guides check box under the text editor > general category.)


Visual C++

C + + code analysis

The C + + core checker used to execute the C + + core guide is now published with visual studio. Simply enable the inspector function in the code analysis extension dialog box in the project property page, and the extension will be automatically introduced when running code analysis.


C + + compiler

Updated the C + + compiler and standard library, enhanced the support for the functions of C + + 11 and C + + 14, and the preliminary support for some functions in C + + 17 standard. It should be noted that the compiler still lacks some functions in the C + + 11 and C + + 98 standards. Visual studio 2017 allows / SDL and / await to be used together.

This release brings several improvements in optimization and code generation. Some significant improvements include:

● improved loop code generation: support constant integer division of automatic vectorization to better identify memset mode

● improved code security: improved buffer overflow, and / guard: CF now protects switch statements that generate jump tables

● when using collaborative routines, the experimental keyword “yield” has been deleted. Your code should be updated to use “co_yield”.

C + + Library

● [STL] basic_ Performance improvement of string

● [STL] added < any >, < string_ view>, apply(), make_ from_ tuple()

● [STL] STD:: vector has made significant improvements in correctness and performance

● [STL] the STL now avoids dereferencing null curly bracket pointers

● [STL] added < optional >, < variant >, shared_ ptr::weak_ Type, and < cstalign >

● [STL] for a complete list of STL improvements, see: Visual C + + team blog

Download address:

● visual studio 2017 Community Edition (free ide with complete functions for students, open source and individual developers) 

● visual studio 2017 Professional Edition (professional developer tools, services and subscription benefits for small teams) 

● visual studio 2017 Enterprise Edition (an end-to-end solution that meets the quality and scale requirements of teams of all sizes)

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