Visual Studio 2017 Installation and Configuration Method Graphics and Text Course under Windows


Installation of Visual Studio 2017 under Windows, as follows

1. Open the download page.

Open the VS product download page, link

2. Selected version download

Select the appropriate version (community, Professional, enterprise version) to download, here download the community version as an example. Click the “Free Download” button under “Community”. The page will automatically jump to the following page, and automatically download the corresponding installer (if there is no automatic download, click “click here to retry” in the prompt information).

3. Start installation

Open the downloaded vs_community.exe.

There will be the following interface, press “Continue” to start installation.

Waiting for file extraction and installation.

4. Custom Installation Content

After the above installation process is completed, the following installation interface will appear:

The menu bar has “workload”, “single component”, “language package”, “installation location” four items.

5. Selecting workload

Workload refers to the tools needed in the development process. The introduction and operation of each workload can be viewed on the Visual Studio 2017 Workloads Web page.

The workload is chosen according to its own needs, and the choice of workload will occupy storage space. It can also be downloaded in the corresponding functions after installing VS2017.




6. Select a single component

After selecting the workload mentioned above, the component set corresponding to the workload is automatically checked. Of course, you can also check the components you want to install according to your needs. Similarly, the selection of components takes up storage space.



7. Choosing Language Pack

Choose a language according to your own development habits.

8. Custom installation location can be clicked on the menu bar “installation location” or the lower left “location” area changes, jump to the corresponding page.

9. After the installation of the above four items is completed, you can click the “Installation” button below, and pay attention to whether the space of the system disk and the installation disk is enough.

10. Waiting for download and installation process (long time)…

installation is complete

11. Start VS2017

Open the installed VS2017 and login to Microsoft account.

Enter VS2017.

Write the first HelloWorld program

1. Open VS2017.


2. New projects

At the top left of the page, select File – New – Project.

Select the project type (for example, the C# console) and modify the project name and location as needed.

3. Programming

4. Running program


The above is the whole content of this article. I hope it will be helpful to everyone’s study, and I hope you will support developpaer more.

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