Visual Studio 2017 IDE Installation and Use Tutorial


This article shares the installation and basic use of Visual Studio 2017 IDE for your reference. The details are as follows.

First, go to Visual Studio’s official website to download the latest version of VSIDE (currently VS2017): VS2017 download address

Open the page and click the button circled by the red brush

Then it downloads a file, clicks on it, and a window like this pops up.

Click “Continue” and wait a little while before entering the installation interface.

Then click “Installation” in the red circle.

Visual Studio Community 2017 is a free version of IDE provided by Microsoft

Then go to the following interface and mark the circled part.

Wait for the program installation to complete.

But it’s not over yet. To use the free version of VS IDE, we have to register and log in to Microsoft’s account.

Here we go.Register a Microsoft account

First open Microsoft’s official website: Microsoft China’s official website

Click “Log in” – > “No account? Create one!”

After registering Microsoft account, open Visual Studio 2017

The following window appears

Click on login and login to the Microsoft account you just created.

If this window does not appear, it doesn’t matter. After launching the program, you can login as well.

You can use the free version of Visual Studio Community 2017 after you log in to your account. If you don’t log in, you can only use it for 30 days for free.

Next, let’s talk about how to use Visual Studio Community 2017 to write programs.

Taking C Language/C++ as an Example

After opening VS2017, click “File” – > “New” – > “Project”

Then click on the sequence number in the figure.

Then in Solution Explorer, right-click Source File – > Add – > New Item

Click on the numbers in the figure in turn

So we can start writing code, such as the following code output: Hello World!


Attached: Solutions to Writing Programs with Visual Studio IDE without Displaying Windows or Flashing Windows

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