Visual Studio 2017 Community Installation Configuration Method Graphics and Text Tutorial


Bloggers recently wanted toChange the installation components of vs2017But I encountered the problem of not being able to access the installation interface. It can be said that this is because of the lack of access to the installation interface.Soft Links Built by Moving C DiskFailure caused, interested friends may wish to see that bloggers have solved this problem: vs2017 due to the failure of soft links can not access the installation interface solution

Website of this article: Vs2017 Installation and Use Tutorial (Detailed)

I. Official Website Download

1. Download Website: Microsoft Official Website

2. Home page of official website

3. Choose the most menu barRightOfMoreIn the “Developer & IT” drop-down column, select “Visual Studio” to enter

4. After entering, it is the interface. If you don’t want to enter from the official website, you can also access the website directly: the home page of vs.

5. Choose the left middleVisual Studio IDEDownload the Windows version (blogger’s version is Windows), selectFree AdmissionCOMMUNITY 2017, will start to download automatically

6. Enter this interface and download it manually (if you can’t download it automatically)

Two, installation

1. Click on the download program to display the interface.

2. Change the location, if you don’t want to install the C disk, you can do this, but the system driver will still be installed in the C disk, we can’t change it, but you can add a link to let the system those things.IncompleteThey are all mounted on C, but on other disks, but they are not considered to be wrong. (If C is enough and troublesome, you can ignore this step ~)

3. We will find that running the installer to this interface will generate a folder, which isC:\ProgramData\Microsoft\VisualStudio\PackagesIf you check more items, the C disk will not have space, so you have to modify the installation path. You can add a link to this folder to prevent it.All installationIn C disk. Here bloggers are just going toInstall package folder PackagesIf you want to move other folders on disk C, you need to perform this step many times. Specific steps (bloggers themselves, you can depend on the specific circumstances):

(1) IfNo soft links were builtIf the installation program is executed, it will be on the C disk.Generating PackagesFolder, so friends who have executed the installer need todeleteThe Packages folder you just generated creates a new folder in another location (the blogger is vs2017_system_driver)

(2)Administrator identityOpen CMD and enter the following instructions: mklink/D C: Program Data Microsoft Visual Studio Packages G: vs2017_system_driver. (Actually, the name here is incorrect, because only the installation package was moved, so the blogger later thought vs2017_Packages was better.)

(3) After running the installer, a folder _bootstrapper is generated at the corresponding location of the C disk and the G disk respectively. You can see that the Packages of the C disk have one.small arrowShow that the link succeeded

(in fact)_bootstrapperThis folder can also be moved above.

If you can’t access the installation interface, it’s probably becauseSoft Link FailureAs a result, see the blogger’s solution: vs2017 due to the failure of soft links can not enter the installation interface solution

4. We choose what we want to install, confirm it and click Installation.

Waiting for Installation

1. Waiting interface

2. Complete the acquisition package

3. Installation completed

Four. Start up

1. Prompt landing, I choose to skip directly, come to this interface, choose the style I like.

2. The first boot takes about 10 seconds.

3. Enter the main interface

5. Start your first procedure

1. Click on the menu bar – > File – > New – > Project, I take C++ as an example, choose Visual C++ in the right column, choose empty items in the middle, change the default path.

2. Right-click on the “Source File” under the Helloworld project in the right-hand column

3. Click “Add – > New Item”, rename it (I’m main. CPP here), and click OK.

4. Generate the following interface

5. Input code

6. Operation results

So far the vs2017 community version has been installed!!

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