Visual practice of BRT Bus Rapid Transit System



With the acceleration of urban process, the number of motor vehicles in China’s cities is growing rapidly, resulting in more and more serious urban traffic congestion. The demand of urban residents for improving travel conditions, especially the convenience of public transport, is becoming more and more urgent. BRT (Bus Rapid Transit System), as a new type of passenger transport mode, is considered as one of the effective ways to solve the problem of urban traffic congestion due to its advantages of less project investment, short construction period, less environmental pollution and high transportation efficiency, and has been successfully promoted and applied in the world.

With the construction of smart city, innovation and technology will play a more and more important role in the cityIOT, 5g, AI, big data, cloud computingAs the representative of innovative technology and application is becoming the new foundation of urban “immune system”, the construction of smart BRT is naturally put on the agenda. As a part of the smart city, smart BRT’s requirements for public transport operation and management will become more intelligent and refined.HT for WebIn this context, we not only independently developed powerful HTML5 based 2D and 3D rendering engines, but also built a display platform of HT BRT BRT BRT system by using rich HTML5 2 / 3D configuration.

Interface introduction and effect preview

We use 3D visualization technology to simulate the process of BRT in and out of the station, as well as the whole BRT platform scene for realistic simulation. The whole is a combination of 2D and 3D, rich in visual graphics, creating a clean style full of future sense of science and technology.

The left part is the 2D data panel, which shows the road section monitoring system, passenger flow trend, shift list and other information. On the top right is a display of date, time, temperature and humidity.

Visual practice of BRT Bus Rapid Transit System

systems analysis

BRT Driving animation display

We simulate the repeated movement of vehicles on the fixed track route, and show the movement process of vehicles entering and leaving the station and driving on the road except BRT. BRT in and out of the station has a deceleration stop simulation, other vehicles drive at a constant speed. The visual style is clean and bright, which conveys the minimalist beauty of science and technology.

1. One cycle display of vehicles above

 Visual practice of BRT Bus Rapid Transit System

2. One cycle display of vehicles below

Visual practice of BRT Bus Rapid Transit System

Thermal map effect display

Click the passenger flow heat map button at the top right of the interface, and the heat map effect of the platform in the middle will be displayed, showing the diagram of the crowd area in a special highlighted shape. We can clearly see the distribution, density and change trend of the crowd in each area through the heat map, which makes the management more clear.

Visual practice of BRT Bus Rapid Transit System 

Data panel

1. Section monitoring system:

Can click interaction, the selected area will appear four corners of a prominent effect, the color of each state is different. In the monitoring, different color display can better distinguish the status of each area. Through access to the monitoring video of road monitoring equipment and the operation status data of monitoring equipment, it can meet the real-time monitoring and visual management of all platforms, passenger flow and passenger arrival and waiting of the whole BRT line, so that the front-line dispatcher can have a clear understanding of the line operation.

Visual practice of BRT Bus Rapid Transit System 

2. Passenger flow trend:

Through vehicle charging system, vehicle monitoring and station passenger flow data statistics, the passenger flow status in vehicle operation is monitored and managed to form passenger flow portraits in different periods. We show the dynamic effect of repeated cycles in peak hours through pure animation, and the flow trend below is randomly replaced by an integer array within 50 per second to achieve a dynamic effect.

 Visual practice of BRT Bus Rapid Transit System

3. Shift list:

It is displayed in the form of table. The mouse wheel can scroll to view more data, or click Select to turn it into highlight display. The selected data will be automatically hidden in the right wheel bar.

 Visual practice of BRT Bus Rapid Transit System

Realize value

The visual operation and maintenance of BRT can not only improve people’s travel efficiency and experience, but also an important practice of “smart bus”. Through the platform, the backstage management personnel can realize the functions of passenger flow monitoring, intelligent scheduling, auxiliary safe driving, etc., and get through the data transmission channel of vehicle intranet. The specific advantages are as follows:

1. Three dimensional digitization of infrastructure

The visualization technology of HT is used to model the road and its ancillary facilities, public transport facilities, operation equipment, environment and buildings in the BRT operation area, so as to realize the three-dimensional digitization of the operation scene.

2. Refined operation management

It can track the lane and vehicle track, and control the accurate position of vehicle in real time. The traditional two-dimensional management system is transformed to three-dimensional, the management dimension is comprehensively upgraded, and the operation management is refined.

3. Transparency of monitoring management

Support the display of vehicle, passenger flow, transportation, operation plan and other multi-source information in BRT operation process, and realize the transparency of operation management.

4. Scientific operation decision

By using big data analysis and traffic model simulation technology, quantitative analysis of various operational indicators in the operation process, and digital driving of BRT operation management and decision-making, the scientific operation decision-making can be realized.


With the development of 5g technology, automatic driving, vehicle network, artificial intelligence and other technologies, the construction of transit city has entered a high-quality development stage. With the comprehensive promotion of intelligent devices, public transport services can comprehensively receive and analyze the demand side three-dimensional information with the help of a large number of real-time information collection, real-time transmission and efficient calculation, and assist operators and decision makers to provide more accurate and high-quality services, so as to comprehensively improve the image and role of public transport in the city and guide the development of urban traffic towards a more efficient and intensive direction. Smart city construction, smart bus first, smart bus is an important part of smart city construction, smart bus construction is of great significance to enhance the city’s information and intelligence. It can bring convenience and benefits to the public, bring efficiency and safety, it will change people’s lives, improve the level of urban civilization, and ultimately benefit everyone with humanized services.

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