Visual Basic 6.0 (VB6.0) installation tutorial


Visual Basic 6.0 Chinese versionIt is a kind of event driven programming language developed by Microsoft company and contains the assistant development environment. It comes from basic programming language. It has graphical user interface (GUI) and rapid application development (RAD) system. It can easily connect database with Dao, RDO and ADO, or create ActiveX control easily.

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Free download of VB 6.0 Chinese Enterprise Edition (206M)
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2020-01-08Download now

Special tips: when installing this software, it is best to exit 360 antivirus software (including 360 security guard, computer housekeeper, etc., if there are such software on the computer), because today’s 360 antivirus software will directly misreport VB6.0 software. In this way, it may be blocked by false alarm during the installation process, leading to installation failure, or lack of many necessary components after installation( Other antivirus software or security guards and so on, it doesn’t matter!

Installation process introduction:

Unzip the downloaded file (the compression software needs to be installed on the computer), and then open the unzipped folder. If there is an ISO image file in it, continue to decompress, as shown in the figure:

(note): you can’t double-click to open the ISO image file, or use the virtual optical drive software to load and open the ISO image file. After the software is installed, you need to restart the computer and then set it up. Double click to open it directly (this is also a way to open with the virtual optical drive) or use the virtual optical drive software to load the open file It will not be loaded, which will cause the VB6.0 installation dialog box not to appear again, which may lead to the installation failure.

Then open the unzipped folder and double-click the file inside SETUP.EXE To start the installation, as shown in the figure:

(note) if the computer you are using is windows7, windows8 (8.1) or windows10 operating system, the prompt of “program compatibility” may appear. In this case, you can directly click “run program” without any other settings, as shown in the figure:

Then click next in the installation wizard that opens

Select accept agreement and click Next:

Enter the ID number “111-1111111”, then enter the name (you can fill in at will). You can leave the company name blank, and then click “next”:

Click Next:

Click Next:

Click continue:

Click OK:

Then enter the process of searching for installed components (Note: this process may take a long time, sometimes it looks like a crash, but no operation is required, just wait for it to be done)

At this time, if you encounter a prompt of “found the old version of visual SourceSafe”, click “yes” and “no” (because the installation of this component will be cancelled, because if this component is installed, the code written on VB6.0 of this computer will not be modified after being taken to other computers)

Then click “custom installation”. The purpose of selecting custom installation here is to cancel the installation of that VSS component. Otherwise, after selecting “typical installation”, the VSS component will be installed at the same time. In this way, every time you open the system source code from other places, there will be an English prompt, which is very annoying.

Then remove the hook from the second item (that is, the item where the VSS component is installed),(important)And then move on:



Note: if your computer’s operating system is Windows 8 (8.1) or windows 10, you need to make the following settings, Otherwise, it is very likely to get stuck in the last part of the installation, resulting in installation failure, or many components can not be used after installation. If it is a Windows 7 or XP system, you do not need to see the following contents. You can directly click the “continue” button in the picture window above, and then jump to the content after the * sign below to continue the installation.


Select the item “data access” (not remove the previous hook), and then click the “change option” button, as shown in the figure:

Click the “change options” button again, as shown in the figure:

Remove the “ADO and RDS” option (very important), and a dialog box will pop up. Click “OK”, as shown in the figure:

Then click the “OK” button:

Click OK again:

Then click the “continue” button:

****************End of setup on Windows 8 (8.1) or windows 10****************


Waiting for installation:

Then click the “restart windows (R)” button to restart the computer:

After restarting the computer, remove the hook of “install MSDN” on the interface, and then click “next”:

Click “yes” in the pop-up dialog box:

Then click the “next” button (don’t select any components)

Click “finish” and close the open browser, so that VB6 is installed:

The software is now installed