Visit the website to prompt 404 not found what to do 404 not found repair methods


You may have seen a “404 not found” reminder in the process of accessing web pages on your computer. What does 404 not found mean? How do I fix 404 not found? Let’s have a look.

Visit the website to prompt 404 not found what to do 404 not found repair method:

What does 404 not found mean?

When the browser opens the page, the prompt “404 not found” indicates that the link cannot be opened and the page does not exist. It is a default error prompt, that is, the so-called “dead chain”.

404 not found how to fix it?

If the “404 not found” prompt appears when you visit the page, you should check it in the following ways:

1. Check links

See if the link you entered is wrong. A slight punctuation or format error may lead to access failure, so you must enter the correct link to ensure the legitimacy of the entry.

2. Check network

Ensure that your network link is normal and OK. If you are not connected to the network or the network is poor, this prompt may also appear, so you must visit the web page under a green high-speed network.

3. Network shielding

This error also occurs when the browser sets some blacklists or visits some Guowai websites. Check your browser security settings or see if you are visiting a Guowai website.

4. Resource deleted

Some community posts or other resources may be deleted for some reasons. When these resource pages are deleted, 404 will appear in the visit. You can check whether the page still exists.

5. Access snapshot

When you use Baidu search engine to search and access the page, you can see the [Baidu snapshot] button in the lower right corner of the search results. Click the snapshot to see the cached data when the page is normal.