Visio 2019 inserts formula steps; Visio 2019 inserts formula garbled steps; Visio 2019 inserts formulas without MathType


Recently, we need to use Visio 2019 to draw many graphs. However, when we need to insert formulas into the block diagram, we find that we can’t insert formulas;

Methods on the Internet: main ideas are as follows:

  • Draw the formula in word;
  • Copy formula, select Paste selectively; paste as word document object;

But there are problems:In Visio 2019, there will be garbled code;As follows:

Through searching foreign articles, there is a better solution:

1. Make an equation in Word, using the equation editor
2. Copy the equation
3. Paste-special the equation in Visio as “Picture (Enhance Meta file)”
4. Copy the pasted equation, now a figure.
5. Paste-special the figure (= equation) as “Microsoft Visio Drawing” 

I improved the steps myself

1. Edit the formula in word;
2. Copy formula;
3. Paste selectively as pictures, enhanced metafile; in Visio, there will be garbled code;
4. After cutting and pasting, select Paste as picture again to enhance the meta file;
5. Edit and paste pictures with pictures;

The final rendering effect is as follows:

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a message for discussion ;