VirtualBox installation of RedHat Linux


Recently, due to project testing, RedHat needs to be installed   Linux has not contacted RedHat for nearly 10 years, so the installation steps are recorded for reference.

The virtual machine adopts the compact VirtualBox this time, and the installation of VirtualBox is no longer recorded, which is no different from the installation of ordinary application software.

The following is a record of the installation steps:

1. Create virtual computer

2. Set memory size

3. Set up virtual hard disk

4. Configure virtual hard disk type

5. Create virtual hard disk


6. Configure virtual hard disk location and size


  7. Load the installation disk image. The image can be downloaded from various image websites. Alibaba cloud image is the fastest download speed in China


8. Start the virtual machine directly


9. If skip is selected, generally speaking, there will be no problem with the image file and no test will be carried out.


10. Prompt that the hardware does not support it. Confirm and ignore it directly


11. The installation interface pops up and you can go to the next step directly


12. Select the language of the installation phase according to your needs


13. Select keyboard layout

14. Select basic storage device


15. Select clean data


16. Set host name



17. Set time zone



18. Set the password for the root account


19. For disk partition, you can select the default option. Due to test requirements, this step is to customize the configuration


20. Create swap partition

21. Set swap partition size


22. Add boot partition


23. Add data partition


24. Partition creation completion record


25. Format the disk



26. Select OK to write the modification to disk


27. Select boot program


28. Select the system type to be installed

29. Wait for the installation to complete


30. After installation, restart~