Virtual machine Ubuntu 18 raspberry Pie 4 Qt5 14.2 cross compilation


The compilation process mainly refers toCross compile Qt5 for raspberry Pie 4 14.2 (with eglfs support), you can follow the tutorial step by step. In the whole process, there are two places to pay attention to.

       1. Sudo RPI update will fail to download through the command due to network problems. The best way is to install locally. The download method of update compressed package is through link,

After downloading, followManual update (RPI update) raspberry pie firmwareStep update.

Query the result, LS – LA / opt / VC / lib to see if there is any in this directorylibEGL.soandlibGLESv2.soThese two libraries are not available before the update. If these two libraries appear and are real libraries rather than soft links, the update is basically successful.

       2. If you “configure and cross compile QT” in step 3, run“./ After "configure" fails, be sure to delete it before the next run of configureconfig.logandconfig. Cache (under the qtbase directory), otherwise the correct change will still fail.

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