Virtual machine power on black screen on VMware, solution


Virtual machine power on black screen on VMware, solution


As a little white who just contacted springboot and angular, he decided to use Linux system. One command can install various environments, which is more convenient than win10. It’s really suitable for development. However, in the next place, it’s just a student party with poor family. There’s no extra money to buy a new computer. There’s only a ASUS flight fortress 5-generation fx80 in hand, which is popular As we all know, it’s very unstable to install Linux system in the Flying Fortress. Many students around, including a senior student, his computer is the last generation Flying Fortress. Unbuntu uses it well. Suddenly, the video card driver is gone, resulting in the notebook can’t be connected to the display, and some students can’t install the video card driver at all… So after some ideological struggle, we decided to use VMware, the whole Linux virtual machine. At first, the virtual machine can be used normally, but suddenly one day, turn on the computer, turn on the virtual machine, and it can no longer enter the system, and it is still a black screen again and again
As shown in the figure
Virtual machine power on black screen on VMware, solution

solve the problem

After waiting for a long time, there was no response, but when it was suspended, it was able to see the display. At that time, I thought that the virtual machine was broken, and I thought I would reinstall the system and environment. Later, I was lucky to find a solution. We need to enter it in the CMD window under Windows:
netsh winsock reset
Then restart the computer
But why? What does this instruction mean?

What is Netsh Winsock reset

The following content is excerpted from Baidu Encyclopedia, with a link attached
The Netsh Winsock reset command resets the Winsock directory. If there is a problem with the Winsock protocol configuration on a machine, it will lead to network connection and other problems. You need to use the Netsh Winsock reset command to reset the Winsock directory to recover the network. This command reinitializes the network environment,To solve the problem of parameter errors caused by software conflicts and viruses.Netsh is an interface that can operate almost all network related settings through the command line, such as setting IP, DNS, network card, wireless network, etc. Winsock is the internal directory of the system, Winsock is the windows network programming interface, Winsock works in the application layer, it provides the high-level data transmission programming interface unrelated to the underlying transmission protocol, reset is the reset operation of Winsock. After the Winsock command is executed to restart the computer, you need to reconfigure the IP.

Why Netsh Winsock reset

There is a saying on the Internet that it is because after launching webame, webame modifies some network related parameters, resulting in configuration conflicts with VM. Here is the explanation of Zhihu
The communication between virtual machine and host is basically in the way of socket (the socket here generally refers to all sockets, including local, network, etc.)

A program injects its own DLL into the TCP / IP stack of the system through LSP. If the DLL is not recovered when the program exits, or the recovery fails, or is not completely recovered, then the residual of the DLL affects the whole TCP / IP stack, and it is permanent.

The packets sent and received by each socket go through the TCP / IP stack. This DLL may do something about these packets (such as modifying data, discarding directly, etc.), and then your virtual machine will go black
So my initial guess is that this “some program” should be webgame