View the instance of how to locate and deal with the crash information of IOS launched apps


The complete app can only be put on the shelf after many rounds of testing, but no developer can guarantee that there will be no problems. If there is a crash in the launched app, it is particularly important for developers to view the location of crash information and the corresponding processing method. Here are the steps and processing methods for viewing crash information location.

Source of crash: distribution (self discovery or user discovery)

1. Through the corresponding Apple Developer’s account, enter iTunes connect, enter app analysis, and view the corresponding app information, such as app purchase quantity, usage times, display times, etc.

2. After entering, find the information of APP crash, where you can clearly know the total number of APP crashes (within a period of time).

3. In the crash information, you can learn more detailed crash information: app version and mobile phone system version according to the view basis and adding filters.

If the version of the app is available, you can get some information about the app on the system. After that, it is necessary to locate in the specific code, analyze the causes, and then solve the problem to ensure that such problems can be avoided in the later stage.

5. First, open Xcode — Product — archive to download the corresponding crash log.

6. Select crashes, find the corresponding app version number, find the corresponding crash information, find the corresponding app project through open in project, and then open.

Finally, solve the problems and record the relevant information. Submit a complete report and complete the task.

This article may not be the only solution, only for reference.

The above example of viewing the crash information positioning and handling methods of IOS launched apps is the whole content shared by Xiaobian. I hope it can give you a reference and support developeppaer more.

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