View in browser command in Visual Studio 2017


Somehow, after the new installation of visual studio 2017, I found that the “view in browser” command in the right-click menu on all web projects disappeared, and I can only start the website in debugging mode, which is very awkward.

Finally, a solution to the same problem is found on stackoverflow: add this command back through the custom menu.

1. Right click the toolbar and select customize:

2. In the pop-up window, select the command tab. Then select “context menu” and find “project and solution context menu | project | view” in the drop-down list on the right. After selection, find the button “add command” in the lower right:

3. In the “add command” window, select “file” in the category on the left, find the “view in browser” command on the right, select it and click OK:

4. Then you can see that the command appears in the menu. At this time, you can drag it to change the sorting order:

5. Close the window to take effect. You can see that the familiar commands have been restored to the website project~

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