Video tutorial of developing Kitty based on substrate


The content of this video is mainly recorded according to the subject collectables workshop, which contains my summary and practice in the process of learning subject.

37 videos have been recorded, and the overall functions of kitties developed based on substrate are basically realized, including creation, transfer, sale, purchase, reproduction, auction and auction. The follow-up improvement is to update the content of this series of videos based on the new version of substrate. The reason is that the code and problems can be viewed on the corresponding official website, which is friendly. The upgrade of the version will only reconstruct the code and update the operation if the function is appropriate.

First of all, all the videos are not free. The first and second lessons are free trials (about 10 videos). If you think it’s OK, you can buy it. First of all, thank you for buying it. Thank you for making better suggestions on the content of the video.

At present, the platform short book (full version) has been released, Mars Finance – free content, Himalayas – free content, YouTube – free content, Weibo – free content. At the same time, we seek cooperation from video charging platform.

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Content list:

1- Getting Started

Lesson 0 Introduction to substrate hellokitty

Lesson 1 getting started-001-installation

Lesson 1 getting started-002 – running custom nodes

Lesson 1 getting started-003 – page and node interaction

Lesson 1 getting started-004 common commands

2- Basic

Lesson 2 basic-001 – create module

Lesson 2 basic-002-define storagevalue

Lesson 2 basic-003-storing storagevalue

Lesson 2 basic-004-define using storagemapping

Lesson 2 basic 005 view storagemapping

Lesson 2 basic-006-store struct

Lesson 2 basic 007 view struct

Lesson 2 basic-008-string in abstract – no video [just a brief introduction]

3- Kitties

Lesson 3 kitties-001 – generating random numbers

Lesson 3 kitties-002 – create an event event

Lesson 3 kitties-003 – get all kitties

Lesson 3 kitties-004 – have multiple kitties

Lesson 3 kitties-005 – view multiple kitties

Lesson 3 kitties-006 – refactoring code

4- Interaction

Lesson 4 interaction-001 – price setting

Session 4 interaction-002-transfer Kitty

Lesson 4 interaction-003 – buy Kitty

Session 4 interaction-004-breeding Kitty

Session 4 interaction-005-chain update

Session 4 interaction-006-play game test

5- Web-UI

Lesson 5 web-ui-001-create UI

Lesson 5 web-ui-002-exploration

Lesson 5 web-ui-003-create Kitty

Lesson 5 web-ui-004-show Kitty

6- Test

Lesson 6 test-001-test configuration

Lesson 6 test-002-write test

7- Extras

Lesson 7 extras-auction-001-introduction

Lesson 7 extras-auction-002 – creating an auction

Lesson 7 extras-auction-003-auction

Session 7 extras-auction-004-close auction

Video tutorial of developing Kitty based on substrate

Thank you for your suggestions on the content of the video.

At the same time, seek cooperation of video charging platform.

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