Video Tutorial | Egret Pro Getting Started Study Notes (1, 2)


Today we launched the long-awaited Pro usage tutorial: Getting Started Study Notes! Why is it named the introductory study notes, because first, this is the process record of our technical support children’s boots learning Egret Pro, and second, our technical children’s boots have the same starting point as some developers, with Egret engine 2D development experience, and at the same time This knowledge and experience needs to be applied to Egret Pro.

Today is our first issue. It mainly talks about the preparations before using Egret Pro. It includes 2 videos, which respectively describe the construction of the development environment, understanding/using the Egret Pro editor, and commonly used concepts in 3D game development.
Egret Pro Getting Started Study Notes 1 Build a Development Environment Cognitive Pro

Egret Pro Getting Started Study Notes 2 Common Concepts

Next week, we will start with the input example, and continue to describe 3D examples, drag and drop, camera, lighting, material, animation, particles, UI and other content. I hope that in the next time, everyone will help each other and learn 3D game development together!