Vibrant private domain: three new traffic flow after tiktok interoperability


Advertising master warnamek has a famous saying:“I know half of my advertising expenses are wasted. Unfortunately, I don’t know which half is wasted.”.

In this “post traffic era”, wasting only half seems to have become a cost-effective operation. Both platform and b-end enterprises urgently need to subvert the traditional traffic model and create a new traffic ecology that can flow healthily.

1. Private domain traffic: from concept explosion to calm criticism, what’s the problem?

In fact, in the era of big data, traffic calculation can be accurate to user portraits: age, gender, mobile phone models, shopping preferences and even recent daily topics. Then, in the era of such accurate traffic, what leads to the low efficiency of traffic operation?

The reason behind this is“Efficiency is not equal to effect”。 The crowd is touched, but rough touch can not arouse the attention or behavior transformation of users in the stage of information explosion, which also makes the “private domain traffic” biased towards fine operation a way to break the situation.

The word “private traffic” has been widely discussed since 2019, and it will officially enter the first year of private traffic in 2020. Whether it is a new industry or a traditional industry, more and more enterprises and businesses begin to actively or passively pay attention to the operation of “private domain traffic”, and shift the focus of competition from public domain innovation, transformation and increment to private domain operation, so as to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

It seems that the threshold of private domain traffic is very low. Everyone can do it, just like video with goods. Everyone can be the anchor, but how many are successful in the end? Therefore, after the savage development of private domain traffic, it has rapidly experienced the process from birth and popularity to calm and criticism.

Think about this development process. What is the problem in the private domain traffic 1.0 stage? In an interview, Jianshi CEO Xu Zhibin shared his opinion on the next trend of private domain traffic, and may also give me an answer:

“First, from the perspective of enterprise operation, one-to-one personalized operation and one-to-one fine and heavy operation are the future direction. Second, for the platform, the data richness, convenience, openness and tool completeness will continue to improve. At the same time, the richness of platform ecology can lead to the richness of operation methods. Because most enterprises expect to see it The last point is the progress of efficiency improving tools to help enterprises improve efficiency. A variety of tools and systems will explode. “

As Xu Zhibin said,The intensive operation behind private domain traffic is the direction, but at present, there is a lack of efficient tools and system models, as well as the platform’s participation and support system for private domain traffic.

Tiktok, as the “traffic gathering place” of the head, has already realized the problem of the industry. Besides, it also launched a white paper on the private sector operation, besides the iterative tool platform and supporting policies.

2. Focus on fans, and create tiktok in a commercial flywheel.

The tiktok company’s product launches on July 27th, the huge engine released the 2021 tiktok private domain operation white paper. Tiktok, the head of the tiktok business, said at the conference: “the private sector is a new increment of the voice business, and a commercial flywheel centered on fans”. Mu Jianxin said.

Tiktok, naturally or half unconsciously, is a traditional big flow platform. In order to prevent users from losing, it is consciously or unconsciously avoiding the head KOL to create personal privacy domain traffic pool. And the vibrant voice will create a pseudo voice of “tiktok”, which is a false concept of “public” seeking “private”.

Before discussing this issue, let’s take a look at the data published in several white papers:

  • As of July 2021, the total number of tiktok enterprises reached 8 million, and the number of enterprises accounts for more than one million fans increased by 165% over the same period last year.
  • In 2020, the average daily viewing volume of enterprise commercial content will exceed 20 billion;
  • In June 2021, the number of contributors to the tiktok enterprise increased 120% over the same period last year.
  • From January 2021 to June 2021, shopping cart hits increased by 77%;
  • There are 4 million + enterprises each week, receiving about 150 million + private letter inquiries from users;
  • A total of 1.25 million + enterprises have set up the “automatic reply” function of private letters, and hundreds of thousands of enterprises have launched the “self-service menu” of users;

After reading these six sets of data, we may have a new understanding of the tiktok.Jitter is developing a set of traffic ecosystem that is built together with the owners and tiktok from the content gathered from short videos.Different user scenarios and business forms are being decomposed and integrated on this short video platform. And tiktok also relies on the continuous expansion of business mode iteration, and gets a new round of traffic growth.

Tiktok is tiktok tiktok, which is only three years old, and this means that the time of chattering is not long. The business mode is changing rapidly with the change of the platform itself.

For example, the 2019 vibrato has achieved a burst of traffic growth. Tiktok has reached 600 million, which makes the platform more capable of carrying DAU. In 2020, the tiktok added the function of the electric business, and realized the closed-loop from content to traffic to business. From the perspective of users, this rapid iteration is not only the rapid upgrading of platform value, but also a rare public domain traffic dividend in the “post traffic era”.

With the change, the number of enterprises is growing rapidly. Before the short-term dividend of public domain traffic subsides, it is the inevitable result of pursuing long-term and in-depth operation to cut into private domain traffic from public domain. Meanwhile, the tiktok has more and more tools and products, all of which make the jitter become a very suitable platform for private domain operation.

As Xiao Mingchao, founder and CEO of Zhimeng consulting firm, said, private domain is a business concept, not a sales concept, nor a single brand concept. Private domain operation is a continuous process for enterprises in the digital era, from front desk to middle desk to back office, from user operation to content operation, and then to precipitation of user assets.

The tiktok private domain provides the private sector integration strategy from the “brutal operation” of manual operation to the efficient intelligent operation, which opens up the barriers between public domain, business domain and private domain, and coordinates the fine operation of the fans centered business, and builds a commercial flywheel centered on fans with the support of the business tools and intelligent management provided by the tiktok private domain.

3, set up standards for the industry, shake the voice and private domain, and create a new flow of traffic after the three domains tiktok.

Vibrant private domain: three new traffic flow after tiktok interoperability

Mao Yulu, the head of the big engine company, shared a picture at the conference, comparing the tiktok 2 to an airplane. Of which:

  • The private domain is the fuselage
  • Fans are passengers
  • The smart business system is the cockpit
  • The operating tool is the tail
  • The public domain and the commercial domain are the left and right wings of the aircraft

During the sharing, Mao Yulu mentioned that Enterprise 2.0 will help you make full use of and give full play to the natural and commercial traffic, take the private domain as the load-bearing axis, precipitate the fans, give play to its long-term value, help you bid farewell to the transformation business of simple one-time traffic in the past, and then step into a more efficient and prosperous business scene.

in other wordsThe thinking of shaking the voice to private domain is no longer a simple zero sum game based on traffic. Instead, it uses a more open logic to get the three domain traffic open, and from one-way to tiktok to two-way efficiency., help enterprises realize more and more accurate user operation and activate greater traffic effect. Integrate ecological resources and business tools, reach and touch users together, promote the efficiency upgrading of private domain operation, and promote the development of the industry, so as to establish a new set of standards.

Through the private domain capability brought by the enterprise number, realize the positive circulation of traffic between the public domain and the private domain, and between the private domain and the business domain. On the one hand, accelerate the precipitation efficiency of the original public domain and the business domain to the private domain. On the other hand, with the help of the effect of private domain traffic management, reverse drive the improvement of the efficiency of public domain and business domain traffic, resulting in the compound interest effect of traffic. Based on the number and stickiness of users precipitated in the private domain, rights are raised for core fans and high intention fans in public domain scenarios such as short video and live broadcast, so as to bring more accurate public domain traffic and maximize the value of traffic.

As we said tiktok, to maximize the value of traffic, we must create a healthy flow of new ecological environment. The concept of “three domains interworking” proposed by the private sector is probably the best solution of the current stage and will become a new standard system in the industry.