Version upgrade of kubernetes based on alicloud hosting



Because the k8s version of Alibaba cloud’s knative is greater than 1.15, and our current cluster environment is 1.14.8, we need to upgrade the pre release environment. There is nothing to write about the upgrade version of kubernetes cluster based on aliyun hosting, which can be implemented under the guidance of the official documents of aliyun. However, when I upgraded today, I found that it was not so simple, and I learned a very important point: all problems have solutions.


Alibaba cloud console


Click upgrade to enter the check before upgrade


As you can see, there is an API service exception. View details


Oh, it’s because I configured the service with the help of cert manager before and didn’t delete it completely.


View apiservice

kubectl get apiservice
NAME                                   SERVICE                                    AVAILABLE                 AGE
v1alpha1.certmanager.webhook.alidns    cert-manager/cert-manager-webhook-alidns   False (ServiceNotFound)   7d

Sure enough, there is a problem with this API service. Anyway, we don’t need to use it now. Let’s delete it first

kubectl delete apiservice v1alpha1.certmanager.webhook.alidns "v1alpha1.certmanager.webhook.alidns" deleted

Perform the upgrade again



What’s your feeling?

To be honest, there’s nothing to do with k8s hosting, because it’s easy to manage everything, and also because hosting causes some operational obstacles. Self built or self built.

Through this upgrade, I once again feel that all problems in k8s are not called problems, and most problems can be solved by reporting errors.

Get, describe and logs k8s are three swordsmen to solve problems.

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