VBScript tutorial lesson 1 what is VBScript


Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition is the latest member of the visual basic family of programming languages. It applies flexible scripts to a wider range of fields, including web client scripts in Microsoft Internet Explorer and web server scripts in Microsoft Internet information server.

Easy to learn and use

If you already know visual basic or visual basic for applications, you will soon become familiar with VBScript. Even if you have not learned visual basic, as long as you learn VBScript, you can use all visual basic languages for programming. Although you can learn VBScript from several web pages in this tutorial, this tutorial does not tell you how to program. To learn programming, read step by step published by Microsoft Press.

ActiveX Script

VBScript using ActiveX? Script talks to the host application. With ActiveX script, browsers and other host applications no longer need special integration code for each script part. ActiveX script enables the host to compile scripts, obtain and invoke entry points, and manage namespaces available to developers. Through ActiveX script, language manufacturers can establish a standard script runtime language. Microsoft will provide runtime support for VBScript. Microsoft is working with multiple internet groups to define ActiveX script standards to make script engines interchangeable. ActiveX script available in Microsoft? Internet Explorer and Microsoft? Internet information server.

VBScript in other applications and browsers

As a developer, you can use VBScript source to realize the program in your product for free. Microsoft for 32-bit windows? API, 16 bit Windows API and Macintosh? Provide binary implementation program of VBScript. VBScript is integrated with the world wide web browser. VBScript and ActiveX script can also be used as normal script languages in other applications.