VBScript outputs ESC according to the title of IE window


It’s been a long time. The driver of a printer always jumps out of a window and tells you what’s wrong. Because my program comes out automatically and belongs to a machine that has not been supervised for a long time, when this information jumps out, it will stop the program. At this point, think of pressing the ESC key, and then you can continue. To solve this problem in the future, I used VBScript to write a few lines of file instead of pressing this esc.

Core code

'Test function 
PressESC "Windows Internet Explorer", "{ESCAPE}" 
'The function we're going to deal with ___________ 
Function PressESC(WindowTitle, KeyCommand) 
  Set objShell = CreateObject ("WScript. Shell")'Defines a WHS object 
  If objShell. AppActivate (Windows Title)'Then'Check if there is any Windows we want to check out'___________ 
    ObjShell. AppActivate Windows Title'Focus the Window 
    ObjShell. SendKeys KeyCommand'Send an ESC key 
  End If 
End Function

Save the above code as a VBS file, and then set the VBS as a Scheduler for Windows, you can press ESC automatically.