VBS version IP location query thief


MSG: “please enter the IP or domain name you want to query:
IP = InputBox (MSG, “IP location query thief”)

If IP = “” Then IP = “”
url = “http://www.ip.cn/?q=”& IP &””
Body = getHTTPPage(url)

Set Re = New RegExp
Re.Pattern ‘(query result is:. +) “
Set Matches = Re.Execute(Body)
If Matches.Count>0 Then Body = Matches(0)
‘Re.Pattern = “\[[\s\S]*\]”
‘Body = Re.Replace(Body, “”)

‘wscript.echo IP & Body
Set oXMLHttpRequest=Nothing
Set objExplorer = WScript.CreateObject(“InternetExplorer.Application”)
objExplorer.Navigate “about:blank” 
objExplorer.ToolBar = 0
objExplorer.StatusBar = 0
objExplorer.Visible = 1
objExplorer.Document.Body.InnerHTML =IP & Body

‘objExplorer.document.parentwindow.clipboardData.SetData “text”, IP & Body

Set objExplorer=nothing

‘function area

Function getHTTPPage(Path)
      t = GetBody(Path)
      getHTTPPage = BytesToBstr(t, “UTF-8”)
End Function

Function GetBody(url)
     On Error Resume Next
     Set Retrieval = CreateObject(“Microsoft.XMLHTTP”)
     With Retrieval
         .Open “Get”, url, False, “”, “”
          GetBody = .ResponseBody
     End With
     Set Retrieval = Nothing
End Function

Function BytesToBstr(Body, Cset)
     Dim objstream
     Set objstream = CreateObject(“adodb.stream”)
      objstream.Type = 1
      objstream.Mode = 3
      objstream.Write Body
      objstream.Position = 0
      objstream.Type = 2
      objstream.Charset = Cset
      BytesToBstr = objstream.ReadText
     Set objstream = Nothing
End Function

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