VBS tutorial: VBScript property – value property


Value property

Returns a matching value or text found in a search string.


objectParameter is always oneMatchObject.


The following code describesValueProperty usage:

Function regexptest (PATRN, strng) dim regex, match, matches' create variables. Set regex = new regexp 'establish a regular expression. regEx. Pattern = pattern 'sets the pattern. regEx. Ignorecase = true 'sets whether letters are case sensitive. regEx. Global = true 'set full availability. Set Matches = regEx. Execute (strng) 'execute the search. For each match in matches' traverse the matches set. RetStr = RetStr & "Match " & I & " found at position "    RetStr = RetStr & Match. FirstIndex & ". Match Value is "'    RetStr = RetStr & Match. Value & "'." &  vbCRLF  Next  RegExpTest = RetStrEnd FunctionMsgBox(RegExpTest("is.",  "IS1 is2 IS3 is4"))

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