VBS tutorial: VBScript properties – global properties


Global properties

Sets or returns aBooleanValue that indicates whether the pattern matches all or only the first when searching the entire string.

object.Global [= True | False ]

Object parameters are alwaysRegExpObject. If the search is applied to the entire string,GlobalThe value of the property isTrueOtherwise, its value isFalse。 The default setting isFalse


The following code illustratesGlobalAttribute usage (change)GlobalProperty and observe its effect):

Function regexptest (PATRN, strng) dim regex, match, matches' create variables. Set regex = new regexp 'creates a canonical expression. regEx. Pattern = pattern 'sets the pattern. regEx. Ignorecase = true 'sets whether letters are case sensitive. regEx. Global = true 'sets the nature of the entire process. set matches= regEx. Execute (strng) 'execute the search. For each match in matches' duplicate matching set retstr = retstr & "match found at position" retstr = retstr & match FirstIndex&".Match Value is '"RetStr=RetStr&Match. Value&"'."& vbCRLF NextRegExpTest=RetStrEnd FunctionMsgBox(RegExpTest("is.",  "IS1 is2 IS3 is4"))

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