VBS tutorial: method test method


Test method

Performs a regular expression search on the specified string and returns a Boolean value indicating whether a matching pattern was found.




Required. Always the name of a regexp object.


Required. The text string to perform the regular expression search.


The actual pattern of regular expression search is set through the pattern property of the regexp object. The regexp.global property has no effect on the test method.

If a matching pattern is found, the test method returns true; Otherwise, false is returned.

The following code illustrates the use of the test method.

Function RegExpTest(patrn, strng)  Dim regEx, retVal             '  Create variables. Set regEx = New RegExp          '  Establish regular expressions. regEx.Pattern = patrn          '  Set the mode. regEx.IgnoreCase = False          '  Sets whether the is case sensitive. retVal = regEx.Test(strng)          '  Perform a search test. If retval then regexptest = "one or more matches found." else regexptest = "no matches found." end IfEnd functionmsgbox (regexptest ("is.", "is1 is2 is3 is4"))

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