VBS tutorial: introduction to regular expressions – non printing characters


Non printing character

There are many useful non printing characters that must be used occasionally. The following table shows the escape sequences used to represent these non printed characters:

character meaning
\cx Match byxThe specified control character. For example, \ cm matches a control-m or carriage return.xThe value of must be either A-Z or one of A-Z. Otherwise, C is treated as a literal ‘C’ character.
\f Match a page feed. Equivalent to \ x0c and \ CL.
\n Match a newline character. Equivalent to \ x0a and \ CJ.
\r Match a carriage return. Equivalent to \ x0d and \ cm.
\s Matches any white space characters, including spaces, tabs, page breaks, and so on. Equivalent to [\ f \ n \ R \ t \ v].
\S Matches any non whitespace characters. Equivalent to [^ \ f \ n \ R \ t \ v].
\t Match a tab. Equivalent to \ X09 and \ CI.
\v Match a vertical tab. Equivalent to \ x0B and \ CK.