VBS tutorial: introduction to regular expressions – common characters


Ordinary character

Normal characters consist of all printed and non printed characters that are not explicitly specified as metacharacters. This includes all uppercase and lowercase alphabetic characters, all numbers, all punctuation, and some symbols.

The simplest regular expression is a single ordinary character that matches the character itself in the search string. For example, the single character pattern ‘a’ can match the letter ‘a’ anywhere in the search string. Here are some examples of single character regular expression patterns:


The equivalent VBScript single character regular expression is:


You can combine multiple single characters to get a larger expression. For example, the following visual basic Scripting Edition regular expression is nothing else, or an expression created by combining single character expressions’ a ‘,’ 7 ‘and’m’.


The equivalent VBScript expression is:


Note that there is no join operator here. All you need to do is put one character after another.

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