VBS tutorial: Functions – isempty functions


Isempty function

Returns a Boolean value indicating whether the variable has been initialized.


expressionParameters can be any expression. However, due toIsEmptyIt is used to judge whether a variable has been initialized, soexpressionA parameter is often a variable name.


If the variable is uninitialized or explicitly set to empty, the functionIsEmptyreturnTrue; Otherwise, the function returnsFalse。 IfexpressionContains more than one variable and always returnsFalse

The following example usesIsEmptyThe function determines whether a variable can be initialized:

Dim myvar, mycheckmycheck = isempty (myvar) 'returns true. Myvar = null 'is assigned null. Mycheck = isempty (myvar) 'returns false. Myvar = empty 'is assigned empty. Mycheck = isempty (myvar) 'returns true.

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