Various transformation effects of HTML web page switching


<META http-equiv=”Page-Enter” CONTENT=”RevealTrans(Duration=4,Transition=n)”>

Where, n represents the following numbers. Different values of n have different effects:

0、Box in
1、Box out
2、Circle in
3、Circle out
4、Wipe up
5、Wipe down
6、Wipe right
7、Wipe left
8、Vertical blinds
9、Horizontal blinds
10、Checkerboard across
11、Checkerboard down
12、Random dissolve
13、Split vertical in
14、Split vertical out
15、Split horizontal in
16、Split horizontal out
17、Strips left down
18、Strips left up
29、Strips right down
20、Strips right up
21、Random bars horizontal
22、Random bars vertical

Blend in

<meta http-equiv=”Page-Enter” content=”blendTrans(Duration=0.5)” />
<meta http-equiv=”Page-Exit” content=”blendTrans(Duration=0.5)” />