Utilization Net development server application management tool


1、 Background


Anno.DeployCan andAnnoIntegrated use, used to deploy new services, start services, stop services, and clean services. It can also be used alone for daemons.

2、 Method of use

1. Integrated with anno

2. Use alone

Annodeploy status view program status
Annodeploy start [workingname] start program
Annodeploy stop [workingname] stop program

Annodeploy status view program status

HelloWorldService21                 UP        pid 24864   admin
HelloWorldService22                 DOWN      pid -1      admin 

Annodeploy start [workingname] start program

[17:44:15:6832]: helloworldservice21 started!
                    HelloWorldService21                 UP        pid 14744   admin

Annodeploy stop [workingname] stop program

[17:45:24:2212]: helloworldservice21 has stopped!
                    HelloWorldService21                 DOWN      pid -1      admin

3. Annodeploy profile

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
  <!-- 0,0 the first bit is workstation, the second bit is data center
  (the two digits of all annoservices cannot be repeated. For example, there cannot be [1,2] [1,2])
  There can be [1,2] [2,1]
  <!-- App name -- >
  <!-- Listening port -- >
  <!-- Weight -- >
  <!-- Function not anno Plugs adding method -->
  <!-- Ignored features trace, logic-->
  <!-- Timeout milliseconds -- >
  <!-- Target registered to -- >
  <Ts Ip="" Port="7010"/>
    <!--  Directory of program placement -- >
    <add key="work_directory" value="E:\AnnoDeployStorage"/>
    <!--  Password for integrated use with Anno -->
    <add key="deploySecret" value="duyanming"/>

4. Annodeploy configure a daemon

This step is not required if the program is deployed through the online panel

Found under working directoryproc Folder. Each file below represents a new file created by a program HelloWorldService21 Content:

    "Cmd":"dotnet HelloWorldService.dll -p 7029",
"Running": true. // whether the program is running. The initial configuration is set to false
"Autostart": "1", // whether to start automatically
"Annoprocessdescription": "admin", // program description
"Restarterrorcount": 0, // the number of restart failures is set to 0 in the initial configuration
"Id": -1, // the initial configuration of the program process ID is set to -1
"Workingdirectory": "helloworldservice21", // program name (the program needs to be placed in the work_directory directory. The name is helloworldservice21. The configuration file name is consistent with the program folder name)
"CMD": "dotnet helloworldservice.dll -p 7029", // start the command
"NodeName": "anno.deploy" //annodeploy's name

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