Using VM Tools enables Ubuntu in VMware virtual machines to share folders in Windows systems


We often use scenarios where we install a Linux (Windows) virtual machine through VMware software on the host Windows (Linux) operating system, and then need to share data through some medium between the two operating systems.

One of the more troublesome ways is to upload shared data to a website for temporary storage, and then access the network in the virtual machine to download the data.

By sharing folders, we can share data more quickly.

This paper introduces the detailed steps.

  1. Start the virtual machine with VMware, and the menu Player – > Manage – > install VMware Tools. Because I’ve installed it, the menu turns grey.

  1. Virtual Machine Settings – > Share Folders, change Disabled to Always enabled:

The following picture means that the directory wmware-share under the C disk of my host computer Windows operating system is used as a shared folder, so that the virtual machine Ubuntu can access it.

When the shared folder is set up, the following figure shows:

Now I put a under the wmware-share folder of the host Windows system:

This folder immediately appears in the directory of the Ubuntu virtual machine: / MNT / hgfs:

Enter vmware-share and see the file:

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