Using VBS to save the contents of a TXT suffix to HTML format



Copy codeThe code is as follows:
‘BY Coo_boi
If WScript.Arguments.Count=0 Then WScript.Quit
Dim fso,txt,htm
Set fso=CreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”)
Set htm=fso.CreateTextFile(txt&”.htm”,True)
MsgBox title
htm.WriteLine “<html>”
htm.WriteLine “<head>”
htm.WriteLine “<title>”&title&”</title>”
htm.WriteLine “</head>”
htm.WriteLine “<body>”
htm.WriteLine “<h1 align=center>”&title&”</h1>”
htm.WriteLine “<hr color=red>”
For Each line In Split(fso.OpenTextFile(txt).ReadAll ,vbCrLf)
htm.WriteLine line&”<br>”
htm.WriteLine “</body>”
htm.WriteLine “</html>”
Wscript. Echo “successfully converted txt to HTML”

Save the above code as do.vbs, and then drag 1.txt to do.vbs. You can generate the contents of TXT into HTML format, and have the effect of line wrapping.

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