Using subinacl to manage the rights of windows service


Background: the company’s computer does not have administrator’s rights. When Windows service is installed, its functions such as “start” and “stop” are all in gray state;

Methods: using subinacl tool to enhance the windows service authority of ordinary account;

Concept: subinacl

Subinacl isMicrosoftIt is used to manage the rights of files, registry, services and other objects.

Solution steps:

1. Download subinacl from Microsoft and install it. The final installation location is C: program files (x86) – Windows Resource kits

2 subinacl.exe Copy to system32 to facilitate the use of CMD commands;

3. Start the CMD command in administrator mode, subinacl / service\\Computer name\Service name / grant = [domain name \] user name = [access rights]

c:\Windows\System32>subinacl /service servicename /grant=users=top
MTDataService : new ace for builtin\users
MTDataService : 1 change(s)

Elapsed Time: 00 00:00:00
Done:        1, Modified        1, Failed        0, Syntax errors        0
Last Done  : servicename