Using region (code folding) in PHPStorm


People who use VS to write C# are very fond of it.#regionImplementation of the code folding function. PHP itself does not have similar functions, but as a PHPer, it is certainly unwilling to show weakness in this regard. This article describes the use of the most powerful PHP IDE in history – PHPStorm to achieve code folding (note: not necessarily a function or a class).

As a matter of fact, there are only three lines in the text, with all the nonsense said before.

//region description

Someone wants to say you don’t have a picture. You say Smartisan. Okay, I’ll put up a picture.

  1. Expansion effect map:

Expansion diagram

  1. Folding effect map:

Folding diagram

Note: Only valid under PHPStorm. Of course, it supports not only PHP code, but also JS code.

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