Using memtester to test memory pressure on Linux server


Recently, to test the overall performance of a machine, I searched Google and found that this small tool can be used for memory stress testing. Memtester is mainly used to capture memory errors and always in high or low bad bits. The main test items include random values, XOR comparison, subtraction, multiplication and division, By giving the size and times of test memory, we can test the existing memory of the system.

1 download

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The code is as follows:


2 installation

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The code is as follows:

tar zxvf memtester-4.2.2.tar.gz
cd memtester-4.2.2
make && make install

3. Parameter introduction

Memory the amount of memory applied for testing. The default unit is megabytes (megabytes), which can also be bkmg

The number of iterations tests. The default is unlimited

4 start the test, apply for 10m memory, test once, as shown in the following figure:
20151117115741756.jpg (600×576)

Experience of trial

Mainly want to carry on the pressure test to the memory, the above is just a trial, can apply for large memory, put in the background unlimited test

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The code is as follows:

nohup memtester 2G > /tmp/memtest.log &