Use weekend time to make a summary of PHP learning route


Article summary

Taking advantage of a little free time on the weekend, this paper makes a general summary of PHP learning, lists a general outline of personal learning PHP, and shares it, hoping to be useful to the development partners learning PHP. The whole outline is a summary of personal learning. The outline will continue to improve later.

Summary of experience

  1. With the continuous iteration and update of new technology, many programmers worry about learning too much in the process of career development, which is very obvious for PHPer. Like go now, Node.js With the continuous development of Python language, the web application is no longer just a website, but more complex business logic. PHP’s market share is constantly being eroded by other technologies.

  2. PHPer began to worry and began to consider learning some new technologies, which is a good attitude. However, with the increase of work experience, you will gradually find that it is not simply a certain language, but a deep understanding of a certain technology.

  3. Programming languages all have common features, but some syntax or the underlying implementation is different. When you learn a language in depth, learning other languages is actually a very fast process. I really know this. Learning other technologies will start soon.

  4. How to learn a good programming language? My personal experience is to read more manuals and documents. Many people think that what others say is enigmatic. In fact, most of the things are mentioned in the manuals, but they just don’t read them. Read some manuals and documents to get a general understanding of them. For example, let’s take a look at the outline first. What do you know? What are the technical points? Next, we will do some demos according to some specific things.

  5. Good at summarizing. Learning a skill and wanting to learn it well is not only a matter of time, but also a matter of attitude. The knowledge points are divided into different small points, for these small points for in-depth learning, and finally summarized.

Knowledge outline

If you need documents, you can pay attention to the “technology circle of card 2” and reply to the PHP learning roadmap.

Outline classification

The whole outline mainly summarizes PHP language, database, tools, Linux and other related technologies. No matter PHP developers or Java, go, Python and other related developers, they need to keep learning and mastering these things on the way of learning programming. This is also a personal experience in using other programming languages.

Resource Recommendation

Linux learning

1.Brother company linux video tutorial

2.Han Shunping’s new linux video tutorial

computer network

1.Han Ligang computer network video explanation

2.Huang Jun, senior architect of Alibaba and meituan, takes you to understand the underlying principles of “in depth understanding of computer system”

3.Tsinghua University operating system principle explanation

4.Principles of compilation in Harbin Institute of Technology

5.Introduction to Computer Science

PHP information

1.The way of PHP advancement

2.Analysis of the underlying principle of php7


1.Complete set of 35 MySQL database tutorials

2.The underlying principle of MySQL

Site recommendation

1.How did I get my salary from 15K to 35K in six months?

2.Quality community recommendation 1

3.Quality community recommendation 2

4.Quality community recommendation 2

Only some of them are listed here, some of them don’t remember. Most of the learning is still through documents and books. I don’t want to share them one by one. , designed to the link, you can reply to the keyword “PHP learning route link”

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