Use of WordPress plug-ins


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The theme of WordPress can make your WordPress website more beautiful, and the plug-in of WordPress can make your WordPress website more powerful. In this course, we will talk about the use of WordPress plug-ins.

Many users in the WordPress community have not only created beautiful WordPress Themes to make your WordPress website look better, but also developed a large number of high-quality plug-ins, greatly expanding the performance of WordPress. A few days ago, the official website of WordPress began to officially launch the directory of plug-ins, giving WordPress fans a reliable place to look for plug-ins.

WordPress plug-ins are generally composed of PHP files. After downloading and decompressing, upload it to WP content / plugins / directory of WordPress installation directory. Then you can see your plug-in in the management background.

The plug-in management interface of WordPress is as shown in the figure, including plug-in and plug-in editor. The related posts options and Akismet configuration are the places to configure these two plug-ins.

Plug-in unit

Wordpress 插件Under the plugin sub tab, you can see all the plugins you have uploaded. Each plug-in includes the name, version, description and operation of the plug-in. Under the operation, there is a conversion button to activate / disable the plug-in.

Plug in editor

WordPress provides an online editing function that allows you to edit plug-in files online. Again, you need to first set the permissions of the file to 777.

Use of plug-ins

WordPress has a wide variety of plug-ins. Different plug-ins are used in different ways. Some plug-ins require you to configure them in the background plug-ins or options or management directories, while others require you to insert appropriate code into the theme file of WordPress. Therefore, for different plug-ins, users need to carefully read the installation and use instructions of plug-ins. The installation and use instructions can be found in the comments section of the PHP file, a separate readme.txt file or the author’s website.

Get more plugins

At present, I think the more secure channel to get WordPress plug-ins is through the WordPress directory. is also a good plug-in site.

In addition, users can search through Google, Baidu and other search engines. The Internet is rich in resources. They can help you quickly find the plug-ins you need.