Use of oradebug (practical part) (in continuous update)


Trace a session

For example, if I want to track a session, I need to obtain the SID, serial ID, and SPID of the session first

SELECT a.username,
  a.sid ,
FROM v$session a,
  v$process b
WHERE a.paddr=b.addr
and a.sid = 285

USERNAME                              SID    SERIAL# SPID
------------------------------ ---------- ---------- ------------------------
APPS                                  285      44645 30468

Then use oradebug to set the event on the target session, trace, and get the name of trace file

SQL > oradebug setospid 30468 -- process SPID

SQL> oradebug event 10046 trace name context forever,level 12

SQL> oradebug event 10046 trace name context off



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