Use hiburn to burn Hongmeng. Bin file to hi3861 development board


The “first example program of hi3861 development board” in the official document of Hongmeng describes how to burn binary files to hi3861 development board using deveco device tool;

This article will introduce how to use hiburn tool to burn Hongmeng’s. Bin file to hi3861 development board.

Get hiburn tool

Through the official documents of Hongmeng, we know that deveco device tool is a vscode plug-in, which is provided to developers in the form of. Vsix files. In fact, this. Vsix file is a zip file. You can use the file command to identify it in Git bash or Linux Environment:

$ file DevEcoDeviceTool-1.0.0.vsix
DevEcoDeviceTool-1.0.0.vsix: Zip archive data, at least v2.0 to extract

On windows, you can use general compression and decompression software to open it and unzip it.

After decompression, you can see a file named hiburn.exe in the subdirectory of extension \ deveco \ tools, which is the hiburn tool we will introduce today (you can also download directly from the attachment of this article).

Use hiburn to burn the. Bin file to hi3861

The win10 system needs to right-click “properties” – > unlock before execution, otherwise the system will report a security warning by default and execution is not allowed.

Double click to open the interface as follows:

Use hiburn to burn Hongmeng. Bin file to hi3861 development board

  1. Click setting – > com settings in the upper left corner of the interface to enter the serial port parameter setting interface. In the serial port parameter setting interface, baud is the baud rate, 115200 by default. You can select 92160020000000 or 3000000 (the fastest supported value measured). Other parameters remain the default, and click OK to save;

Use hiburn to burn Hongmeng. Bin file to hi3861 development board

  1. Select the correct COM port according to the device manager. For example, my development board is COM8. If you plug in the serial port cable after opening the program, you can click “Refresh” to refresh the options in the serial port drop-down box;
![ Insert picture description here]( center)
  1. Click “select file” to pop up the file selection dialog box and select the allinone.bin file generated by compilation. This bin is actually a file combined with multiple bins, which can also be seen from the naming. For example, Z: \ harmony \ openharmony \ out \ WiFi \ hi3861 I selected_ wifiiot_ app_ allinone.bin

Check “auto burn” to automatically download multiple bin files. Here, the configuration is completed, as shown in the figure below;

Use hiburn to burn Hongmeng. Bin file to hi3861 development board

  1. Click Connect to connect the serial port device. At this time, hiburn will open the serial port device and try to start burning. It is necessary to ensure that no other programs occupy the serial port device (before burning, you may be viewing the serial port log with HyperTerminal or serial port assistant, and you need to ensure that other software has closed the currently used serial port);

Reset the device and press the reset button on the development board;
Wait for three “======================================================================================;

  1. After successful burning, manually click “disconnect” to disconnect the serial port, otherwise “wait connect success flag (Hisilicon) over time” will be prompted;

Comparison with deveco device tool

Compared with burning with deveco device tool, hiburn has the following advantages:

  1. Without relying on vscode, you don’t need to install vscode, nodejs, JDK and some NPM packages;
  2. The download speed is faster. The maximum baud rate of hiburn.exe can be set to 3000000, while the maximum baud rate of deveco device tool can only be 921600, which is three times that of it;

The main disadvantages of hiburn burning are:

  1. You need to manually click disconnect to actively disconnect, otherwise the download will be repeated by default; After the burning is successful, if you keep opening the serial port and press the reset button again, you will find that it burns again.
  2. The serial port parameters of hiburn cannot be saved. After you close it, you need to reset it next time you open it, while deveco can save the serial port parameters;
  1. Hiburn has more and more complicated operation steps than deveco;