Use Charles to grab app packages


System environment: win10

1. download the software on Charles’ official website…

The registration code is as follows:


Registered Name:
License Key:      48891cf209c6d32bf4

2. the firewall opens the Charles application network
Control panel – > all control panel items ->windows defender Firewall – > allow applications to communicate through Windows Defender firewall: check both the private and public networks of the Charles web debugging proxy
Use Charles to grab app packages

3. start packet capturing
Specific tutorial reference:…

Note here:
IOS system: certificate trust needs to be configured
Use Charles to grab app packages

Android system:
In the Android system, certificates are divided into two types: system certificates and user certificates. Certificates installed by Charles belong to user certificates. For security purposes, user certificates are no longer trusted by default in Android 7 or above, which will lead to app network exceptions when capturing HTTPS packets.

1、 Downgrade the Android system and use the night God simulator (the old version, otherwise it does not support Android under version 7, I installed version…(download address of old version of night God simulator)
Use Charles to grab app packages
Subsequent operation reference:…

2、 Do not want to downgrade the Android system. Change the user certificate to the system certificate (root is required). It is recommended to use the emulator
Installation certificate reference:…

4. successful packet capture
Use Charles to grab app packages