Upgraded Trading Contest – Million DOS and more rewards for you


Upgraded Trading Contest - Million DOS and more rewards for you
Dear DOS Network and supporters of YUAN’AN, DOS successfully concluded the first week trading competition of YUAN’AN DEX. Thank all the participants, we have awarded the prize to all the winners.



Based on the first week’s participation rate and community feedback, we found that the rule of rewarding only the top 20 according to the volume of transactions may not be fair enough.

Therefore, in order to bring more benefits to users and encourage more users to participate in the various trading activities we have organized in Yuanyan DEX, we have decided to change the main rules of trading activities in the next three weeks:

Winning Rules

1) The top five winners receive 60% of the total reward according to the proportion of their trading volume.

2) The rest of the eligible participants scored 40% of the total award (there is no upper limit on the number of winners, so long as they meet the criteria, they can get the award).

3) Competition cycle update:

Cycle 2: 00 UTC – July 27, 2019 23:59 UTC (4 days before rule change + 5 days after rule change) Award: 300,000 DOS and 90 BNB
Week 3: 00 UTC – 5 August 2019 23:59 UTC (7 days) Award: 400,000 DOS and 110 BNB
Cycle 4: 00 UTC – 12 August 2019 23:59 UTC (7 days in total) Award: 500,000 DOS and 130 BNB
Award-winning requirements

1) Requirements for holding money:

Holding 10,000 DOS BEP2 tokens and 3 BNBs (we will randomly check each week)

2) Trading volume requirements:

At least 25,000 days of trading volume
Or at least 250,000 weekly transactions
If the user does not complete 25,000 days of trading volume on the first day of each competition cycle, or does not complete the day of trading volume on one day of the week, but meets at least 250,000 weeks of trading volume, or meets the conditions for winning the competition award.

Additional activities: lottery


Holding at least 10,000 DOS BEP2 tokens per day for a continuous competition cycle

5,000 DOS BEP2 tokens

Draw a lucky participant once a week
We will take random snapshots every day to check the DOS BEP2 token holdings at each address.
Other activities:

1) DOS coin holding user airdrop


Holding at least 199.99 BEP2 DOS when taking a snapshot is eligible to participate in the airdrop.

The total number of eligible BEP2 DOS holders at snapshot time is more than 1,000


We will airdrop 99.99 BEP2 DOS to all eligible coinholders

We will take a snapshot at 00:00 UTC on August 18.
Airdrop tokens will be distributed within 48 hours of the snapshot.
Note: If the total number of eligible BEP2 DOS holders does not exceed 1,000 at snapshot time, we will also air-drop 19.99 DOS tokens for eligible participants.

2) Partner User Airdrop

As DOS Network has recently entered into a new partnership, the user airdrop activities of our cooperative project will continue.

3) More interesting activities are waiting for you.

Please keep an eye on our announcement and learn more about air drops and other activities.

Note: In order to enable more users to participate in our activities and give you more incentives, we may continue to optimize and update our rules of activities in the future. Thank you for your understanding!

Deal with DOS/BNB through the following website:


Dollar security chain DOS Network asset page:


DOS Network’s application for currency in DEX: https://community.binance.org…


DOS Network is a scalable two-tier network that implements decentralized predictors, providing data up-link services and computing power for mainstream block chains. It links the intelligent contract of block chain with real-world data and events, and provides verifiable computing power for block chain, so that more application scenarios can be implemented in block chain. It can support various mainstream block chains, such as Ethereum, EOS, TRON, ThunderCore, Ultrain, QuarkChain, etc.

If you join the community or have problems, Please add Miss and Sister Weixin (dos network 001)

Official website: https://dos.network

Chinese Telegraph Cluster: https://t.me/dosnetwork_cn

English Telegraph Cluster: https://t.me/dosnetwork_en




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