Upgrade High Sierra


I’ve upgraded the operating system many times before, but I’ve never had such a bad time. Write it down, maybe it can help friends who have similar problems.


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  • USB keyboard
  • USB mouse
  • 16G U disk
  • Another mac


Because of the trust in Apple’s quality, although it’s not to catch up every time a new version is released, it will basically upgrade to the latest system within one month after the release of the new version, because for me, the new version is always better than the old one, otherwise why should we invent the new one? But this time it’s a real hole.

First day

I’m as usual on the MacAppStoreI picked it up.High Sierra, and then download and install. My network speed is very fast, so this step is not a problem, it will be finished soon, and then start to install.

Then there was a big problem. After waiting for dozens of minutes, when the computer was rebooted, it saidcom.apple.DiskManagement error 0。 What the hell is this? My IMAC has been in use for six years. Does that mean my hard disk is broken?

Hurry to check the information on the Internet, only to know that Apple has forced theHFSReplacedAPFS, need to be turned onPress and hold command + option + r on the keyboard, enter Internet recovery mode.

But it’s not that simple. First of all, my keyboard and mouse are wireless, and it’s always easy to have problems at this step. So I changed the keyboard and mouse into wired ones, and then I started to press and hold the keyboard to restart. At this time, the screen began to show a slow rotation of the earth:
Upgrade High Sierra

The problem is that after the rotation, the screen stops at the apple logo:

Upgrade High Sierra

Looking up the data again, someone said that it was downloading data from the Internet, and it might take eight hours, so I left it there to work, and I came back 12 hours later, and it was still like this!

The second day

I decided I couldn’t wait any longer. I didn’t know when to wait. So I started to start it by hand. Since the Internet is slow, go ahead.Press and hold command + RRestart the computer to enter recovery mode.

This time finally came in:

Upgrade High Sierra

Get intoDisk UtilityMode, manually convert the hard disk toAPFSFormat, the conversion process is relatively smooth. Then reinstall Mac OS, and then say there is no operating system installation file! Tears ran.

On the third day

Well, I started to follow the instructions and make my own system boot disk step by step. First, download oneHigh SierraThe installation package will be destroyed without installation. Then make my own system startup disk, plug in the U disk, andPress and hold the option key to restart the computer, select U disk for installation, everything seems to be going well. Then, go to 100%, and stop! And the most important thing is that during the whole installation process, the hard disk unexpectedly stopped running several times. When the last permanent wait, the hard disk did not turn at all!

Upgrade High Sierra

Check the data again. Some say you need to restart the computer in safe mode. OKPress and hold the shift key to restart the computerIn the whole process, I’ve almost tasted all kinds of MAC startup methods. This time, it seems that the hard disk has been running without stopping, but it’s stuck at 100%! The over power sound of the hard disk is still there, but it is obvious that the hard disk has not been found.


When I was about to give up, for the last timeNo key, restart the computer, and then I lay in bed ready to go to bed. All of a sudden, the screen turned black, and then the most beautiful autumn color appeared in this autumn:

Upgrade High Sierra


This update mainly upgrades the file system, that isAPFS, for the support of technology update, the new file system is still worthy of expectation. But mainlyApplePoor consideration of the old system does not100%To ensure that the file system of the old system can be upgraded smoothly, so to be on the safe side, first upgrade your file system manually toAPFS, which will help upgrade the operating system.

In addition, don’t panic when encountering problems. Prepare more computers. If this one doesn’t work, just throw it away!

Supplement notes

2018year11month3Day, the disaster happened again, after updating oneAppleAfter the recommended security patch, restart the computer and go to100%Stuck again.

This time, as suggested in the apple forum, press and holdCmd+R, then enter command line mode and execute:

mv /Volumes/Macintosh\ HD/Library/Extensions /Volumes/Macintosh\ HD/Library/ExtensionsDisabled

Then restart the computer to revive.

That’s whyExtensionsThere are some incompatible hardware drivers in the directory that cause errors. It is hereby recorded to prevent similar accidents in the future.