Update push of win10 20h1 quick preview 19023 (with known problems and fixed)


Microsoft has just pushed windows 10 20h1 build 19023 to fast track users participating in the preview program to continue to fix some functional issues. The new beta still doesn’t bring any new features, just regular fixes, so test users can continue to skip if they don’t want to upgrade. Of course, this prequel claims that the version has already completed the function development and may be released at the beginning of next year. Judging from the current changes, this rumor is very accurate.

The following are the problems fixed by this update:

1. Fix the problem that some users are stuck in the login interface after the first successful installation, which may allow users to stay in the login interface for several hours.

2. For some users running full screen applications, especially when the game input method related problems to repair, most users are faced with input method lag problems.

3. For the problem that the quick operation part of the operation center in some recent test versions is slightly offset, users of obsessive-compulsive disorder can upgrade the new version for repair.

4. Fix the problem that Xiaona voice activation option is automatically set to off after restarting file explorer or directly restarting the system in the previous version.

5. The download folder has been removed in the disk cleaning tool to prevent users from deleting files by mistake. If you need to clean the download folder, please clean it manually or use storage awareness.

The following are known issues with this update:

1. Microsoft has determined that the sandbox mode and wdag application protection of the latest version cannot work normally. If you need to use this function, please do not upgrade it temporarily.

2. Microsoft has determined that the battl eye anti cheating module used by Blizzard game is incompatible. Based on this, Microsoft has suspended the push of new version to users who install the module.

3. Microsoft received feedback from users that some hyperlinks such as ms-settings: could not work. For this problem, Microsoft will investigate and analyze the reason.

4. Microsoft received feedback from users that the optional printer driver will still show the need for installation after installation. Microsoft is also investigating this issue.

5. Finally, Microsoft is investigating the problem that some fingerprint identification modules cannot work in the beta. If they cannot be used, please temporarily switch to password for login.

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