Update of deep operating system V20 in 2020


In 2020, the deepin community version has experienced three iterations and seven updates. Today, Xiaobian brings you the update content of deep operating system V20 in 2020. Interested friends come to understand it.

Deep operating system 20 beta

A brand new graphical interface, with unique rounded window design, natural and smooth animation transition effect, exquisite multi task view, ingenious color matching and icon design, all carefully designed for your exciting operation experience.

The newly created desktop application, intimate design and interactive logic are more in line with the usage habits, making your desktop operation experience more rich, complete, consistent and unified.

20 beta upgrades the kernel to kernel 5.3, which greatly improves the system stability and compatibility, and supports more hardware devices.

The stable and reliable Debian 10.5 software warehouse improves the stability and security of the underlying operating system, handles software security vulnerabilities in a more timely manner, and provides better support (compatibility) for third-party applications.

Deep OS 20 official edition

On the basis of the 20 beta, the 20 official version further optimizes the desktop environment and desktop applications, and makes the user feel more delicate and natural. Support black and white theme, transparency adjustment, color temperature adjustment, power battery settings and other intimate functions.

Enhance the function of notification center, support to set notification prompt sound, display message when locking screen, only display in notification center, display message preview, necessary application strong reminder, specific application weak reminder or no reminder, personalize your message notification, avoid unnecessary disturbance while not missing any important reminder

The system installation interface provides dual kernel options, kernel 5.4 (LTS), kernel 5.7 (stable) and safe graphics mode to ensure more choices for system installation and improve the overall stability and compatibility of the system. The latest kernel supports more hardware devices.

More easy to use new installers, simplify the design and interaction, ensure more consistent operating habits. The new version of the installation interface, just follow the operation wizard to install, in the hard disk partition operation, provides two modes of manual and full disk installation, and supports full disk encryption function.

Different types of applications in the app store cover the main use scenarios of life and work, and add one click Update, application filtering and other functions, which bring a more convenient application management experience. At the same time, they are compatible with some wine applications and achieve the experience of native applications.

The new fingerprint function framework provides more detailed guidance interaction and more accurate scene prompt. Fingerprint can be used to unlock login, verify identity and administrator rights. Now support a variety of fingerprint hardware.

Deep operating system 20.1

Upgrade to kernel 5.8 (stable) and small version of kernel 5.4 (LTS). In the system installation interface, you can select the kernel to install, which improves the overall stability of the system and ensures compatibility with more different devices.

Integrate Debian 10.6 warehouse, follow the stable warehouse version of upstream, mainly fix some security problems in the past, and solve some serious problems.

The overall optimization of kernel configuration and code level improves the performance of processor computing, network transmission and response, file reading and writing, graphic display, and optimizes the system level for conventional operation. All round performance improvement brings you a smoother operation and faster response experience.

Power management settings are added to the control center to support the setting of performance mode. In some high-performance scenarios, the power management settings are adjusted to the performance mode to get a more pleasant experience.

In addition to supporting the connection of Bluetooth devices, Bluetooth adds the function of transferring files, which is more convenient in the scene of transferring small files, and avoids the trouble of connecting data cable to move files.

Intelligent image source, comprehensively improve the image download speed. Judge the location of the network, intelligently select the source address of the adjacent image, and accelerate the image file download.

The pre installed application of the system uses browser to replace fox browser, mailbox to replace Thunderbird client, disk manager to replace GParted, camera to replace eggplant application, enriches the pre installed application ecology of the system, and meets the use needs of different scenarios. At the same time, it brings better unified vision and interactive experience.

7 times of system updates, accumulated more than 1000 optimization and repair, covering DDE, deep application, hardware adaptation, etc., all for better experience.

Open source project

At present, deepin has 112 open source projects, 1250 patches have been submitted, 1119 have been closed or merged. We are also stepping up the review of the pending patches. Thank you for your contribution to the continuous improvement and optimization of these projects.

Applied Ecology

Different types of applications in the deep app store cover the main use scenarios of life and work. At the same time, they are compatible with some wine applications to achieve the experience of native applications. The store has a total of 1600 apps on the shelves, with more than 4.7 million downloads. The types of apps include audio-visual entertainment, office learning, development programming, games, etc. in the future, we will continue to enrich the ecology to meet the needs of more scenarios.

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