Unlock the technical power behind Guangdong Gonghui’s “one activity per month”


“Guangdong Gonghui” is an inclusive platform built by Guangdong Federation of trade unions for trade unions and members at all levels. With the purpose of “linking resources, empowering grass-roots units and serving members”, it provides trade unions at all levels with platforms for organization construction, information release, service and activity management, as well as integrated and all-round trade union exclusive services for members.

It is one of the services of Guangdong Federation of trade unions to carry out inclusive activities and send tangible benefits to trade union members. In order to make welfare activities more popular, convenient and diversified,With the help of wechat ecology, wechat payment of consumer vouchers, digitization and other capabilities, the Provincial Federation of trade unions launched various activities such as poverty alleviation and agriculture assistance, competition, question answering, lottery and model worker praise at the rhythm of “one activity per month”, and gathered all activities into the wechat applet of “Guangdong workers’ and ex gratia member activities”。 All members can participate in any activity anytime and anywhere through wechat and receive the benefits carefully prepared by the Provincial Federation of trade unions.

How can such high-frequency and efficient trade union services be achieved?

The applet communicates with the app to create a more convenient service experience

Guangdong Gonghui provides members with rich trade union services such as welfare activities, trade union information and third-party services, and the “Guangdong Gonghui member activities” applet is a list of all welfare activities of the trade union.

Members can directly access the activities of the App applet, official account login system, through a unified account system, to achieve multi terminal (App, public numbers, small programs, video numbers) data exchange, based on the identity of the membership authentication, to provide members with reliable and reliable service platform.

Unlock the technical power behind Guangdong Gonghui's
On the left is the yuegonghui app, and on the right is the yuegonghui member activity applet

Wechat applet provides a more convenient service platform for members. Registered members can even learn about the recent welfare activities of the trade union through the “Guangdong Gonghui member activities” applet without downloading the app, and participate in the activities with one click to receive benefits.

At the same time, the applet integrates the third-party service platform, integrates employment, transportation, education and life services, and achieves the union goal of linking resources and serving members.

Based on the cloud service capability, complete the high-frequency and efficient member welfare activities of “one activity a month”

Since July 2020, the Provincial Federation of trade unions has focused on the layout of trade union services on wechat ecology, successively launched more than 10 welfare activities and corresponding small programs, and distributed benefits to members with an average frequency of one activity a month. The technical power behind it depends on the following key points.

1. Based on cloud service development, it is flexible, efficient and highly scalable

Guangdong Gonghui series of activities based onZhi XiaoyunThe back-end cloud services can be configured with one click and can be developed without deploying any services. The resources of the cloud platform can be scheduled at any time according to the needs, making the development more flexible; It has complete functions, such as data management, file management, cloud function, trigger and so on, which greatly improves the development efficiency; The cloud function automatically scales horizontally according to the number of requests, and automatically arranges reasonable computing resources according to the number of requests, which has stronger expansion ability.

Unlock the technical power behind Guangdong Gonghui's

2. Application replication, applet activity forms can be quickly combined and reused

In the same enterprise, for active applets with similar functions, you can quickly copy the development configuration of an application to a new application by copying application functions, which can reduce a lot of development work and improve development efficiency. At the same time, this operation will only copy the corresponding configuration information, and the data part in the data table will not be copied, so as to improve the security of the service.

Unlock the technical power behind Guangdong Gonghui's

3. Create an open platform for “Guangdong Gonghui” and empower trade unions at all levels with out of the box operation tools

Based on the “Guangdong Gonghui” open platform, open the business data interface and enable trade unions at all levels to independently develop trade union business applications. Combined with the out of the box operation tools, it can be redeveloped at any time when necessary to meet the needs of multiple scenarios and diversity. The Provincial Federation of trade unions not only empowers trade unions at all levels, but also ensures that trade unions at all levels can operate independently and realize a more flexible operation mechanism.

“Guangdong Gonghui” takes business as the basis, data as the value and service as the goal to realize the Smart Union of “intelligence, convenience, collaboration and interconnection”. The platform improves the service quality of trade unions around four objectives: expanding the influence and service coverage of trade unions; Empowering trade union service and improving trade union service efficiency; Data empowerment, continuous transformation of business processes, and more accurate and intelligent trade union services.

If you have any questions or needs, you can always consult xiaoxiaoyun (wechat: minsupport3). If you want to join the union activities, please pay attention to the official account of Guangdong Federation of trade unions (GDSZGHYGH) for details.

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