UNIX like terminal command enhancement


This article is aimed at the UNIX like platform, that is, Linux and MAC

Common command optimization

Ll command


No one else has this command except Ubuntu.
The LL command is implemented through LS – Al, but this command has disadvantages: the highlight is not good enough, and the information can be more detailed
The exa command can be optimized

Installation mode

First install trust, and then install exa through cargo

cargo install exa

to configure

Modify the shell configuration file and add the following:

alias ll="exa -lahiSgH"

Cat command


The built-in cat command simply displays the contents of the file without highlighting the code

Installation mode

Installation via pip

pip3 install Pygments

to configure

alias cat="pygmentize -P style=perldoc -P tabsize=4 -f terminal256 -g "

Note: don’t forget the last space

have access tofruityColor matching

Effect display

Windows black background effect
UNIX like terminal command enhancement

Reference articles


Common software optimization



VIM under MAC does not turn on highlighting by default, which makes it difficult to read text

to configure


vim ~/.vimrc

add to

syntax on