Unity3d shader for streamer effect


In this paper, we share the specific code of unity3d shader to achieve streamer effect for your reference. The specific content is as follows

Streamer effect picture:

Demo project: download address

//Functional requirements: simulate the data transmission effect, and move the highlight color block from the top to the bottom of the model
//Function analysis: here using UV animation to achieve, using alpha map to control the shape of the flow
//Use the alpha mask map to control which parts of the model need to flow

Shader "Custom/DataFlowEffect"
 _MainColor("Main Color",Color) = (1,1,1,1)
 _MainTex("Main Texture",2D) = "white"{}
 _Specular("Specular",Color) = (1,1,1,1)
 _Gloss("Gloss",Range(0,255)) = 20.0
 _FlowTex("Flow Tex (A)",2D) = "black"{}
 _FlowColor("Flow Color (RGBA)",Color)=(1,1,1,1)
 _FlowMaskTex("FlowMasking (A)",2D)="white"{}
 _FlowDirection("FlowDirection",Int)= 0
 _FlowBeginTime("Flow Begin Time",Float)=0

 Tags{"RenderType" = "Opaque" "Queue"="Geometry"}

  Blend SrcAlpha OneMinusSrcAlpha


  #pragma vertex vert
  #pragma fragment frag

  #include "UnityCG.cginc"
  #include "Lighting.cginc"

  sampler2D _ Maintex; // color map
  half4 _ MainTex_ St; // color UV scaling and offset
  fixed3 _ Maincolor; // diffuse color
  fixed3 _ Specular; // highlight color
  fixed _ Gloss; // high luminosity
  sampler2D _ Flowtex; // data stream image
  fixed4 _ Flowcolor; // data stream color overlay
  half4 _ FlowTex_ St; // scaling and offset of data stream map UV
  fixed _ Flowidletime; // flow animation interval time
  fixed _ Flowduring; // flow animation playback time
  sampler2D _ Flowmasktex; // flow mask
  fixed _ Flowdirection; // flow direction
  float _ Flowbegintime; // the time when the flow effect starts

  struct a2v
  half4 pos: POSITION;
  half3 normal :NORMAL;
  half4 texcoord : TEXCOORD0;

  struct v2f
  half4 position : SV_POSITION;
  half2 uv : TEXCOORD0;
  half3 worldNormal : TEXCOORD1;
  half3 worldPos : TEXCOORD2;
  half2 flowUV : TEXCOORD3;

  v2f vert(a2v i)
  v2f v;
  v.position = UnityObjectToClipPos(i.pos);
  v.uv = i.texcoord * _MainTex_ST.xy + _MainTex_ST.zw;
  v.worldNormal = mul(unity_ObjectToWorld,i.normal);
  v.worldPos = mul(unity_ObjectToWorld,i.pos);
  v.flowUV = i.texcoord * _FlowTex_ST.xy + _FlowTex_ST.zw;
  return v;

  //UV coordinates of UV - vert
  //Scale - map scaling
  //Idletime - how long after the start of each cycle, the flow begins
  //Looptime - single flow time
  fixed4 getFlowColor(half2 uv,int scale,fixed idleTime,fixed loopTime)
  //Current run time
  half flowTime_ = _Time.y - _FlowBeginTime;

  //Time interval from the beginning of the last cycle to the beginning of this cycle
  half internal = idleTime + loopTime;

  //Current cycle execution time
  half curLoopTime = fmod(flowTime_,internal);

  //Before each flow starts, there is a stop interval to check whether the flow is available
  if(curLoopTime > idleTime)
   //Flow time
   half actionTime = curLoopTime - idleTime;

   //Flow progress percentage
   half actionPercentage = actionTime / loopTime;

   half length = 1.0 / scale;

   //Flow from bottom to top
   //Calculation method: let y = ax + B, where y is the lower boundary value and X is the flow progress
   //According to our requirements, y = - length when x = 0; y = 1 when x = 1
   half bottomBorder = actionPercentage * (1+length) - length;
   half topBorder = bottomBorder + length;

   //Flow from top to bottom
   //The solution is similar to the above
   if(_FlowDirection < 0)
   topBorder = (-1-length) * actionPercentage + 1 + length;
   bottomBorder = topBorder - length;

   if(uv.y < topBorder && uv.y > bottomBorder)
   half y = (uv.y - bottomBorder) / length;
   return tex2D(_FlowTex,fixed2(uv.x,y)); 

  return fixed4(1,1,1,0);

  fixed4 frag(v2f v):SV_Target
  //Calculation of diffuse reflection coefficient
  fixed3 albedo = tex2D(_MainTex,v.uv) * _MainColor;

  //Calculating ambient light
  fixed3 ambient = UNITY_LIGHTMODEL_AMBIENT.xyz * albedo;

  Fixed3 worldnormal = normalize (v.worldnormal); // normal direction of world coordinates
  Fixed3 worldlightdir = normalize (unityworldspace lightdir (v.worldpos)); // illumination direction of world coordinates
  Fixed3 worldviewdir = normalize (unityworldspace viewdir (v.worldpos)); // view direction of world coordinates

  //The diffuse color was calculated by half Lambert model
  fixed3 lightColor = _LightColor0.rgb;
  fixed3 diffuse = lightColor * albedo * max(0,0.5*dot(worldNormal,worldLightDir)+0.5);

  //The Blinn phone highlight model was used to calculate the highlight
  fixed3 halfDir = normalize(worldViewDir + worldLightDir);
  fixed3 specColor = _Specular * lightColor * pow(max(0,dot(worldNormal,halfDir)),_Gloss);

  //Overlay flow map  
  fixed4 flowColor = getFlowColor(v.uv,_FlowTex_ST.y,_FlowIdleTime,_FlowDuring); 
  fixed4 flowMaskColor = tex2D(_FlowMaskTex,v.uv);

  //Blend with the mask map to display only the opaque part of the mask map
  flowColor.a = flowMaskColor.a * flowColor.a * _FlowColor.a;

  fixed3 finalDiffuse = lerp(diffuse,_FlowColor,flowColor.a);

  return fixed4(ambient + finalDiffuse+specColor,1);

 Fallback "Diffuse"

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