Vector text will not become unclear due to zooming in and out;


Window/TextMeshPro/Font Assets Creator

Create textasset font;


Sourcefont is Font in TTF format (there is a font in fontsettings format in unity that cannot be converted)

Size picture word size, padding interval

Packingmethod packaging format, the fastest and best, with clear impact;

Atlas resolution font atlas size, too small will be very unclear;

Characterset is generally custom or fromfile. Import from TXT or manually input the word to create textmesh;

Rendermode rendering mode, affecting aliasing;

All settings can be generated;

Dynamic generation


In the textmeshsdf attribute, you can choose to dynamically generate words instead of static creation each time, which is more fragrant; Change static to daynamic

Sometimes textmesh is not displayed on the UI. It may be a shader problem. Modify the shader;



Use pictures as text in textmeshpro component to realize mixed arrangement of pictures and texts, or pictures replace text;

Next, replace the injury number with a picture to achieve the following effect;



Select the atlas to make text, right-click to create spriteaset, and then put spriteaset into textmesh Pro \ resources \ sprite assets directory; (original PNG)


Open the spriteaset attribute interface to adjust the picture scale and other information for adaptation;


Set the default sprittetext in the projectsettings interface; You can use pictures in the way of rich text;


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