Unity data organization and Chinese Html document download



Due to network and other reasons, the various links on Unity’s official website appear confusing. Links formed by the combination of words such as Unity, Unity3d, cn, com, etc. often confuse beginners


  1. https://unity.com/ Google’s first official website link, slow access
  2. https://unity3d.com/ will actually jump to the previous link
  3. https://store.unity.com/ Official resource download (including Unity Hub, etc.)
  4. https://unity3d.com/get-unity… As the name suggests, getUnity
  5. https://docs.unity3d.com/ official documentation
  6. https://unity.cn/ Localized website, version release is slow, try to use other links above

Chinese Html offline document download

According to the article “The First Bullet of Localization Services|Unity Hub 2.0 Chinese Version and Chinese Version Documentation”, Unity launched the Unity Chinese version document in May 2019. The corresponding link is: https://connect.unity.com/doc

However, it is developed using WebGL, and the screen adaptation and reading experience on the computer web page are poor.

At present, you can enter the offline document in the first section of the Chinese document and download the ordinary web document. The corresponding link is: https://storage.googleapis.co…

Just modify “2018.1” to the required version number. Some additions and changes may not be translated. Of course, the original document at https://docs.unity3d.com/ shall prevail.