Understanding WEB Page Tool Language XML (3) Support Tools


Three, supportXMLCompanies and their development tools
ThoughXMLIt is still in the development stage and its standards are being developed by W3C, but many companies have expressed their full support.XMLAnd many of them have been developed.XMLTools. Adobe’s FrameMaker can be used to writeXMLFile. Microsoft’s IE 4.0 has been able to display, process and editXMLDocumentation, Microsoft has promised to support in the next version of Office software such as MS Word and ExcelXML

Netscape and Sun are also reluctant to be lonely, and have expressed their desire to support them in their Web tools.XML。 In addition to the actions of these well-known companies, other small companies are also taking action.XMLAs a business opportunity, they have invested in it one after another.XMLDevelopment work. For example, ArborText’s Cedar project aims to develop XSL; ArborText and Microsoft have jointly proposed a draft standard for XSL to W3C; Grif’s Symposia Doc+ is an editor.XMLVisible and accessible tools for documents.
In addition, there are Copsol’s.XMLDevelopment tools, Norbert’sXMLSyntax parser, Jade XSL toolkit and Serucie 98 supporting client/server applications.

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