Under windows, idea uses git clone failed. Could not read from remote repository


I have just joined a new company. I have been waiting for several days. Today, the company has sent me a new computer, and I will start to install the development environment.

In software (JDK, GIT, idea, mysql, Navicat… After the installation, the download of the project will start.

Download item:

In the process of using idea to download, we found a new problem – “clone failed. Could not read from remote repository.”

Direct translation is “remote repository cannot read”.

Why can’t I read it?

1. Unable to link to server

Confirm that you can connect to the server.

2. SSH mode used in Git integration in idea

In the process of solving the problem, I see that in stackoverflow, I want to change the “SSH executable” mode to native, which is invalid…

3. Unable to verify the link through SSH.

So you can create an SSH key and add the generated ID_ rsa.pub Add the content of to the background of gitlab to solve the problem.

a. Generate key

SSH keygen - t RSA - C "your account name"

The generation process adopts the default mode, and directly press the Enter key to the generation ID_ rsa,id_ rsa.pub

The ID that will be generated_ rsa.pub Add the content of to the corresponding git server and personal account.

b. Add key


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