Under the epidemic situation, the use of FRP to achieve intranet penetration, remote connection company computer office


At present, it is often necessary to do some operations on the company computer, such as connecting to the intranet OA, database or submitting documents. In order to reduce going out, we will explain the method of using FRP to penetrate the intranet.


1. A device with public IP (if not, the server can use it)https://diannaobos.com/frp/  Free server provided)

2. Computers that need remote control can be connected to the Internet

Operation steps

1. Download the executable program from GitHubhttps://diannaobos.com/frp/

2. Copy the extracted folder to the server and modify the server configuration file frps.ini As follows:


bind_addr =  
bind_port = 7000
privilege_mode = true
privilege_token = 951632

dashboard_addr =
dashboard_port = 7500
dashboard_user = admin
dashboard_pwd = system

log_file = frps.log
log_level = info
log_max_days = 3

3. Then start FRPs with CMD and prompt start FRPs success to indicate that the start is successful


4. Set up the controlled computer to allow remote connection and ensure that your login user has permission to make remote connection

5. Make sure the password is set for the account that can be connected remotely. If not, set it. If you need to log in without password after setting, execute control user passwords 2 in the run box to set the account, cancel [password must be entered to use the computer], click apply, and enter the password according to the prompt.


6. Copy a copy of the FRP folder to the controlled computer and modify it frpc.ini The file is shown in the figure below

server_ Addr =; server IP address
server_ Port = 7000; server port
privilege_ Token = 951632; the server connection is encrypted, which is consistent with the configuration in the server FRPs

[RDP ThinkCentre]; local computer name, can't be repeated
type = tcp
local_ip = ; Target computer IP
local_ Port = 3389; target computer port
remote_port = 6000 ; Port mapped to server

7. Run FRPC in the form of CMD, and prompt start proxy success to indicate that the startup is successful


8. At this time, run remote desktop connection (mstsc) on other computers, input your server IP and server port to connect to the controlled computer, and input the account and password of the controlled computer to operate remotely.



If you need to install FRPs or FRPC as a system service and run with the operating system, you can use NSSM for quick installation. reachhttp://www.nssm.cc/Download the corresponding version, unzip it to the server FRP folder, enter NSSM install FRPs in the server command line window, and browse frps.exe , click Install service to install as a system service, and then use net start FRPs to start the service. If the controlled end needs to be installed, the operation mode is the same.


Please refer to other learning materials for server firewall and port settings.

GitHub address of FRPhttps://github.com/fatedier/frpThanks to the developers.


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